Patch v1.704 Released

October 29, 2015 -

Hi everyone, With more and more mods becoming available – thanks modders! – we’ve had some mod support related bug reports. Patch v1.704 aims to solve these and some other issues reported by the community. This patch is available on Steam now and will be available on GoG shortly. Here are the v1.704 patch notes:
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Patch v1.703 Released

October 8, 2015 -

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce the v1.703 patch has been released. This patch aims to resolve a bunch of issues reported since the release of modding, in particular some exploits found in PBEM. Here are the patch notes: Fixed some options in the launcher where polish and french translations were swapped Hasty Plunder now
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V1.7 is here: The Age Of Modding Has Begun!

September 17, 2015 -

After a successful Open Beta we are happy to announce that update 1.7 is now available on Steam and will be available as a patch for our GOG users within the next 24 hours. As well as a number of bug fixes and balance tweaks, the update makes modding tools available to our users so
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Age of Modders – AoW3 Modding in V1.7 Open Beta

September 10, 2015 -

We are happy to announce that an Open Beta of the new Modding system is starting today! With these tools you will be able to modify or even create units, spells, abilities and much more! Also, after listening to feedback from the community, we have spent the last two weeks on work to allow mods
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Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Adding Units, Abilities & Cosmic Happenings

September 4, 2015 -

Hi everyone, Good news from the modding front. Tests are going well and our mod guide has grown to a whopping 22.5k words, or 86 pages. To show you what we’ve been up to, here are some examples from our test mods. All these should become available as soon as we officially launch mod support.
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Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Update

August 28, 2015 -

Hi everybody, Since last week’s announcement we’ve been testing the mod tools to see what they can do. We’ve also been working on a guide which talks you through some of the basics of modding AoW3. In this update I’ll show you one of the ‘case studies’ from that guide to give you an idea
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Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Coming Soon

August 21, 2015 -

Hi everybody, Have you ever wondered how AoW3 would be if it just had this awesome unit, or that epic spell? Well, it’s time to put on your creative hat and find out! We’re happy to announce modding support for AoW3 is in the works! We plan to release modding support as part of our
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Combat Survey

August 7, 2015 -

Hi everyone, It’s time for our biweekly survey, this time it’s all about combat. However, before we get round to that, I have a promise to fulfill. There were some issues with how the results of our survey on random maps were displayed. So – as promised – here are the results of that survey
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Random Map Survey

July 24, 2015 -

Hi everyone, Today’s survey topic is all about how you play the game. AoW3 is a game with a lot of modes and options, allowing you to customize the way you play. We want to know how you like to play AoW3, so we know where to put the focus when working on new titles.
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Races Survey and Terraria Wonders

July 10, 2015 -

Hi everyone, Thanks to everyone who participated in our last survey. Both the survey results, and discussion about the statements was very insightful. We hope you’ll participate in this new survey, which focuses on playable races. We’d love to know what you think! Before we get to the results, first something completely different. Our dutch
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