Archdruids lead from natural sanctuaries in remote locales. Their cities are natural self-sufficient places founded on the bedrock of natural balance. Their lands burst with life. Their domains are well guarded by hunters, shamans, and wild beasts. To master the forces of nature, they do not blindly protect life, for death is the natural consequence of life.

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Archdruid.


The Archdruid stood at the center of a gathering of hunters. After holding aloft an acorn, he put it to his ear and spoke, 'All worthy men, but the plant chooses a shaman.' He nodded to Siska and announced, 'Hold out your bow.' She held out her bow and the Archdruid handed her the acorn. She concentrated. The bow straightened into a staff. No longer a hunter, she was a shaman.

Shaman Communion by Challa Blurbell, Ranger

The Horned God

In the quiet forest walks the Horned God. Like the mighty oak, it will weather an ice storm and despises destructive fire. Lightning crackles at its call. Like the one great buck that all hunters envy with its impossibly large antlers, it passes through tangled trees and hunter's nets unobstructed. When it arrives, flee, for your prayers will not impede this strange god.

Protecting the Virgin Forest by Cedric Aster, Hunter

Gargantuan Animal

Calls upon the gargantuan creatures of the wild. Summons a random monster to the caster’s bidding including giant spiders, birds and serpents.

Twisting Roots

Forces the roots that run deep down in the earth to the surface, impeding all units moving by land. All Walking units on the battlefield have their movement radius halved.

The Wild Hunt

The caster's forces have become one with the wild, gaining an unswayable will and the ability to move at extreme speeds over any type of terrain. Bestows Floating and Strong Will on all the caster's units.

Poison Domain

Venomous poison spreads through the domain of target city owned by the caster. All enemy units are Poisoned and receive poison damage every turn while they are within the enchanted city's domain and are weakened.

Thorn Hedge Walls

Surrounds the perimeter of target friendly city with thick thorn hedges. Enemy units moving through it in tactical combat suffer 8 physic damage and have a chance to be entangled. Entangled units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for 2 turns.

Hornet Swarm

Deal 25 damage to target enemy unit. The effect jumps a maximum of 4 times to other enemy units 3 or less hexes away. Machine and Undead units are immune.

Ancestral Spirit

The orc horde surrounded us and demanded our surrender. Raidek lifted his staff. Ghostlike figures appeared to defend us. The warriors cowered as spirits drove them away. One cowered at the spirit of his grandmother. I asked Raidek why a druid would summon the ancestral spirits of our attackers. He explained, 'We all carry spirits with us. There's always one displeased with the direction of our lives. These willingly come when I call.

Danger on the Dandelion Plains by Ham the Wanderer

Archdruid Trailer


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