Dreadnoughts work in a world of pulleys, boilers, engines and gears. The Commonwealth esteems their machines because they can automate everyday chores. Their tanks and battleships allow the common man to safely slay monstrous creatures. However, the power of steam doesn't come without its price, so Dreadnought lords have pioneered new ways of stripping resources from the earth.

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Dreadnought.


We kept the cannons concealed at the highest point of the battlefield. Nothing can withstand the blast, and unlike a trebuchet, cannons are easy to aim. My orcs manning the cannon had no difficulty blasting enemies between their guardians. In a few volleys, we cleared the battlefield and blasted down the city gates. The High Elf city of Bellowine was mine.

Infantry and Artillery by Lady Loki

Flame tank

Set the town on fire, for just a few easy payments, with the Commonwealth's latest in Flame Throwing technology! Improving this classic invention, what was once a highly volatile weapon is now an elegant vehicle capable of drenching your enemies in flaming hot death, without the hassle of setting other flame-throwers ablaze. With a secret fire-proof coating, a few operators can drive a whole fleet of Flame Tanks!

Tech-Inventor's Catalog by Londo Mouler, Dreadnought Equipment Salesman


"The earth rumbled. My teeth chattered, forced together by the rapid vibrations beneath me. The Juggernaut lumbered forward, crushing everything in its path. The thing was massive--a fortress on crushing grinding wheels that stopped for nothing. The thing was lined with cannons and blasted its way through the enemy lines. The troops that rode atop the massive contraption could strike us with impunity."

Fall of Everwind City by Pinchleaf Farseer, Elf Prisoner


The Musketeer leered at the horde before lifting the long iron tube to his shoulder. He loosed a blast into the enemy's berserkers. Ducking behind the cover of a tree, he prepared a second shot. With each shot, he downed another man with such range and accuracy that by the time we engaged the enemy most were wounded. Within a few moments, we were the last standing on the battlefield. Now for every battle I hope we have musketeers in my company.

Proof of Insurance by Warden Raworthy


This man was nothing like Leonus. This engineer droned on about pulley ratios and how to improve siege engines. Naturally, I thought the man mad, but when we reached the battlefield, he fixed a damaged landship that kept us both alive. With just a few well-placed taps of his wrench, he located a weak point in the city's wall and broke a hole so the troops could advance unobstructed.

Triumph of an Emperor by Hannah Azenat, Biographer

Destabilized Mana Core

This is one of the most destructive skills of the Dreadnought. Even though this class is not skilled in the arts of magic, it still knows how to cause terrible destruction by applying technology to magical elements, leading to chain reactions and widespread destruction on the battlefield. Beware, as this technology also causes great damage to friendly units.

Force Field

The Force Field is another of the Dreadnoughts technological marvels. It protects units when in the heat of battle and reduces damage done to them. Very convenient in case a Dreadnought decides to use its feared Destabilized Mana Core skill.

Spell Jammer

The Spell Jammer is the best defense for the Dreadnought against magic from opponents during combat. Building this structure causes distortion in the magical ether, which disrupts the magic abilities of opponents.

Mana Fuel Cells

Develop the technology to store mana as energy that can be used to speed up production.

Dreadnought Trailer


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