Life and Death, separate as night and day, only a Necromancer could realize the true power found in the twilight between the two. Only a Necromancer could push a man to the brink of death, and hold him there forever, a ghoulish shadow of his former self. Only a Necromancer could pierce the veil and drag out the shadow creatures that lurk in the darkness, to be his slaves in the light. Only a Necromancer could stand as lord of a lifeless land, hollowed out and filled with dark power, and laugh when you called him evil. For what use has a man of good and evil, when he's standing in the gateway to Eternity?

part of the Eternal Lords Expansion

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Necromancer.


Only the most sensitive can hear it without help from the Banshee: That sweet sickly cry of life leaving the body, surrendering to despair. I raise them, the Banshees, to proselytize the eventuality of their futile flailing life—A premonition of that moment when they embrace my obsession. Despair is inevitable. Mortal life is an illusion. Death is certainty. Fly my howling messengers. Herald my revelation. Abandon all hope. Only fools deny the embrace of frigid fetid death at the hand of my Banshee children.

Death Bringer

Like a regal queen towering above her courtly subjects, the black horned Deathbringer strode through the battlefield. Though her helmet blocked her sight, this ghastly sorceress of death knew every strike and counter strike—the perfect weapon, exploiting every mortal weakness with unrelenting precision. Her sword struck effortlessly like a shadow. I watched whole groups of soldiers, of every discipline and rank, turn pale and succumb her hellish curse. Soldiers fell only to rise as ghouls, fated to pick the battlefield clean of the flesh of their friends.

Bone Collector

It crawled out of a nearby graveyard. This construct of bone and dead things tore up the earth to horde the bones of the fallen. The Bone Collector scuttled onto our battlefield, drawn to the dying. Trundling over all obstacles, taking no sides, it gathered both elf and orc corpses. The jumbled mountain bones grew in strength and power. I had no choice but to order my orc battalions to attack it. Remarkably, the elves did the same. Our archers did little—for how effective is an arrow against a pile of bones?

Dread Reaper

We thought to trap Ambule Grimber in the Blighted hills of Shadomont. A foolish assumption, now that I reflect, for the mad Necromancer had great power in this place. Before we could assemble the whole force for a final assault, Ambule summoned the embodiment of death. All life withered in the dread Reaper’s wake. Men fell like puppets with severed strings. It passed through our makeshift walls as easily as it did our ineffective swords. What damage we did to it healed as it struck us, proving without question that no one cheats death.

Whispers of the Fallen

Battles fought within a range of 6 hexes from your cities and fortresses become visible.

Animate Ruins

Instantly rebuilds target razed city and transforms its population into undead. The city can then produce Necromancer class units and units produced in this city become undead ghouls.

Undead Plague

Target enemy living city loses happiness and population per turn. Your nearest undead city gains this as undead population.

Power Ritual

Powerful mana hungry spell that toughens the living dead. Your undead units gain a physical strength bonus and a blight strength melee attack bonus.

Age of Death

Undead energies suffuse battlefields of the world. Each time a battle is fought, there is a percentage chance that units that fell will return from the grave as ghouls under your control. Leader, Hero, Elemental, Incorporeal, Machine, and Undead units are not effected.

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