Rogue Lords are masters of stealth, manipulation and theft. Any foolish citizen who makes trouble, disappears without a whisper in the middle of the night. Rogues employ charm, poison, assassinations, and the magic of the shadows to appease their subjects and manipulate rival leaders. Rogues have two faces: one they wear in public, while the other is a ruthless schemer behind closed doors, directing sinister forces that wait in shadow for the perfect moment to strike.

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Rogue.

Grim Beak Crows

Beware the man that speaks with flying things. He who pulls their strings, will watch in silent reverie, plotting certain doom. They warned him as armies came to cut his children down, spying as they entered town. Fragments catch the wind, where once a battle raged. Pockets of smoke, rusted blades, and the flocks of crying maids. The battle won, before begun, the clever Rogue, all along, listened to the Grimbeak Crows' chaotic song.

Lost Warsongs by Willa Loveday


A mob of scoundrels appeared before us. The Rogue Lord sent them 'to see if our pockets were too heavy'. They unsheathed their daggers. My swordsmen tried to intimidate them. They feigned surrender. I ordered the swordsmen to attack. They fell to the ground, pleading for mercy. My men paused and they struck. I lost three men. So I pulled out my blade and they felt the raw power of my enchanted sword. They retreated right up the side of a city wall.

Never Trust a Rogue by Lord Sirken Solav


She came from the shadows. Her nearly nude form was more than most men could resist, but I was ready. I would never fall for the Rogue's trollop. She made my men lift weapons against me. I told myself I would slay the Succubus as soon as I stopped my friends, so I fought until one of the seduced soldiers landed a killing blow. The winged woman lay dead. I had been deceived. I was seduced, not by her beauty, but my own pride.

Pridefall by Sir Randall the Severely Chastened

Shadow Stalker

The Shadow Stalker approached in silence. Its otherworldly appearance was terrible, yet almost beautiful. When it struck my brother, he writhed in agony and the flesh around the wound immediately blackened with corruption. He tried to hit it with his blade, but it passed through. I raised my staff, filling the area with blinding lightning and it recoiled. That was the day I learned that the Rogue could corrupt his followers into beings of shadowy mist.

"Sophistry of Shadow" by Gib Andin, Sorcerer

Plague of Brigands

Infiltrates the domain of target enemy city with brigands that attack everything within sight. The brigands can cause the city's population to suffer a happiness penalty.

Night Wish

The domain of the target city owned by the caster is shrouded in a sinister darkness and becomes unexplored for other players. All enemy units suffer a vision range penalty within the enchanted city's domain.


Boosts the Morale of friendly units when they have made a kill during Combat.

Mass Battlefield Panic

Attempt to panic all enemy units on the battlefield. Units that were not Panicked are Hindered instead. Panicked units don't obey orders and attempt to flee from enemies or escape the battlefield.

Rain of Poison Blades

Rains down armor piercing blades covered in poison during Combat.

Rogue Trailer


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