After the ascension of the ancient Wizard Kings at the end of the Second Age, a new breed of magicians, called Sorcerers, claimed power. Seeking to unravel the mysteries of cosmos, they’ve learned to directly tap into the mana currents and wield magic in its purest form.The Sorcerer summons magical creatures ranging from shock Wisps to extra-dimensional Eldritch Horrors. The Sorcerer wields a wide arsenal of combat invocations and unit and domain enchantments.

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Sorcerer.


A Sorcerer's ability to manipulate magic by channeling it purely through will is extremely dangerous and rare. Most apprentices never progress beyond the ability to project bolts of magic at enemies and disrupt enchantments with a touch. Though these abilities seem small compared with the Sorcerer, when a dozen apprentices rain deadly force upon an army and magical enhancements fail to function properly, it is little wonder the Sorcerer keeps so many around.

Cost of Sorcery by Quillom the Moral


There is something alive in mana. When I draw upon it, I hear the tiny voices of a million helpers. It is potential. Things that might happen, whisperings of what might be. It is a kinship between me and unlikely events. Upon that power I draw--the residual sparkle in a spell--to summon the Wisp. It responds obey my magic, resisting other casters . Through its visage I see what is hidden. It excites living matter, shocking those with violent intent

Manaworld by Garidan Hubin, Sorcerer

Phantasm Warrior

Gorgax charged the sorcerer, raising his mighty axe. 'Your body and head have been joined for too long!' The barbarian's quip was clever but he should have struck without speaking. A blinding flash followed. Three Phantasm Warriors stood where the sorcerer had been. Their bodies were faded; their faces a patch of sickly blue light. These spectral warriors struck Gorgax from three sides. I wish I could tell you the fate of Gorgax, but I fled.

Incomplete Tales Mason Goldsong, Bard

Node Serpent

The serpent was a construct of magic. It floated in the swirling air beside its summoner. We tried to gather a defensive formation, but the thing already appeared behind us. With a shower of crackling sparks it struck like a bolt of lightning. Our strongest warrior stood stunned. Other footmen rushed the thing. Blow after blow struck the thing, and eventually it succumbed to our counterattack. By then the sorcerer had another attack ready.

"Magic Hunter" Cortam Tugkill, Mage Slayer

Eldritch Horror

It writhed like the scream caught in my throat. Teeth. Eyes. The smell of blood, fear and something exiled by nature to the forgotten depths. Oh, Eldritch Horror! The mind slides off thee like slime on a fish, an absurdity. What dark age do we beckon, that a mind could conceive of such a force of destruction, allow it to continue breaking walls, piercing flesh with barbs? Even here in the asylum, I cannot hide from the memory of it.

A Madwoman's Rants Tela Mulkior, Inmate

Chaos Rift

Opens a rift to the Chaos plane, allowing its anomalies to enter into the world. Summons a random unit to fight for you, and deals damage to random units on the battlefield each combat round.

Lightning Storm

Collide arcane currents in the skies above to form thunderstoms that wreak havoc on the world below.

Dread Omen

A dread Omen appears in the sky over the target city, striking fear in the hearts of the population. Target enemy city suffers a growth penalty. Units that belong to the enchanted city's empire suffer a penalty within that city's domain.

Static Shield

Target friendly unit gains Static Shield. Every time an enemy unit performs a melee attack against this unit, the enemy unit receives 5 shock damage and has a chance to be stunned. Stunned units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for 2 rounds.



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