Because theocrats tend not to wield many offensive powers, it is tempting to believe that territories ruled by theocrats are easy to conquer. History has proven this to be foolishness. Theocrats lead the masses by the heart. They heal, persuade, minister and convert. Their zealots are fiercely loyal, convinced to the core that any action they perform will earn them a greater reward in the afterlife.

Unit & Skill samples

Below you will find several examples of units and skills that are exclusive to the Theocrat.


I knew nothing of fighting. He put aged hands upon my head and spoke comfortingly of the Allfather. The enemy hit us with everything they had. I was strong, though many times I thought it was my last breath. The severing blow to my shoulder did not wound me. Then it was done and I rejoiced. I ran to find him who blessed me. To my horror, I saw him smiling: his arm severed. He died for me. That is why I now die for you, I am a martyr.

Prayer of Martyrs Author Unknown

Shrine of Smiting

Our prophet led us to a new land, that we might worship Anon in peaceful solitude. But heathens envied our wealth and conspired to steal it. The prophet unveiled the Shrine of Smiting. We prayed and were filled with power. Wherever the Shrine went, the powers of heaven blasted the heathen hordes. The more devout that gathered to pray, the stronger the power of Anon was made manifest. Anon rejoices when we purge our lands of unbelievers.

Anon's Call by Grant Akern, Believer.


The Prophet never came to our town, and we stayed neutral in most matters of politics and battles. Then one day, a man in robes came with holy scrolls and symbols on his staff. He spoke about a Necromancer's horde coming to kill us all. He converted us all to the cause. Eager to assist the Prophet's Evangelist we readied for war. A simple touch on our forehead and the Evangelist empowered us to fight.

Driving Away Death by Goody Shiela, Butcher's Wife


We prayed as the undead lumbered toward us. We believed, if we prayed, help would come. Then we saw them, the Exalted, flying overhead. They unsheathed their swords and like lightning swooped to attack. We fought with joy, seeing these winged heralds. Then one took a mortal blow and my hope faltered. There was a flash. The Exalted rose into the air, returning to battle. Our Beloved Prophet gifted them with life after death.

"Exalted and Faithful" by Daveen Sontag, Crusader

Mighty Meek

Target friendly unit gains bonus strength for each tier level difference when attacking or defending against a higher tier unit.

Instant Wrath

Deals half of all damage dealt against target friendly unit back to its attacker until end of combat.

Mark of the Heretic

Marks the units in target enemy army as Heretics for a few turns. Devout units deal an additional 3 damage against Heretics.

The Great Purge

Channels divine power to cleanse the land of all supernatural beings. The caster's Infantry and Cavalry units gain Dragon Slayer, Fey Slayer, Giant Slayer, Monster Slayer, Summon Slayer, and Undead Slayer.


Foretells the end of the world. The caster's entire Empire ignores negative morale modifiers and its units gain Strong Will. The caster's enemies suffer 80% Weakness and cannot regenerate health anymore.

Theocrat Trailer


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