Dev Journal: New Disjunct & Spell Mechanics

Hello Everybody! In this second post-release. Dev Journal we’re going to talk about the new mechanics that are being developed for disjuncting and protecting spells.  

What is Disjunction?

Age Of Wonders 3 has many spells that that you can cast to strengthen their empires, enchant their cities and swing the tide of battle in their favor. Many of these spells can be removed by your enemies however, if they research an ability called Disjunction. Disjuncting a spell is simply a case of paying the same amount of mana that a spell cost to cast in order to Uncast it, removing its effects from the world.


How Is It Changing?

Under the new rules, all players will have the ability to disjunct other player’s magic from the start of the game without needing any special research, however disjunction is no longer guaranteed to succeed:

The chance that a spell will resist a disjunction attempt is based on its “Integrity“, the higher the integrity, the greater the chance of the disjunction failing. If the spell does survive the disjunction, it is still damaged and its integrity is decreased, making it more vulnerable should someone attempt to disjunct it again.

Players can also research an ability called Greater Disjunction, which allows them to double the amount of mana (but not casting points) they spend on disjuncting in order to improve their chances of success.


Can I Fight Disjunction?

Players can use a new option called Reinforcement to strengthen their spells and protect them against being disjuncted. When reinforcing a spell, you spend mana and casting points to increase the spell’s integrity. Once a spell has reached the maximum of 200 integrity, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to disjunct it in one attempt.

Note that even the most powerfully reinforced spell can still fall though. Whenever a player attempts to disjunct a spell there is a small chance that they will find a weak spot in the spell’s structure and achieve a Critical Success. When this happens, not only will the spell be destroyed but the character who cast the spell will take damage from the force of it collapsing and will also lose their casting points. If the caster is in tactical combat at the time, they will even be stunned for a short while by the power of the spell.

This can cut both ways however, since Critical Failures are also a possibility. A critical failure indicates that the disjuncting character was not ability to master the powerful energies involved and they blew up his face. A critical failure indicates the target spell’s integrity is unaffected, and the disjuncting character is the one who takes damage, loses casting points and becomes paralyzed in tactical combat.


What About Tactical Combat?

Disjuncting Spells in tactical combat has been updated to work the same way as on the world map, except spell’s cannot be reinforced and greater disjunction cannot be used. We’re also looking into the Dispel Magic spell and abilities to see if they need to have some chance of failure to balance the system.

As with other post release features, we are still determining how they will be made available. Some will be rolled into patches, others will be part of upcoming expansions! Please let us know what you think and stay tuned for many more journals!

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