Development Journal: Mystical City Upgrades

Hi again! In today’s expansion development journal we’ll be talking about a new type of city upgrades that we have in the works. These Mystical upgrades unlock unique new and powerful improvements to your town, making a city’s location matter more than ever.

DJ-SS17City with Sunken City upgraded with Sanctuary of the Deep,  unlocking Mermaid

The goal with this new feature is to make cities a lot more unique. We got some feedback that right now city upgrades could use more diversity. The class structures vary per class of course, and the tier 3 unit building is different for each race. Then there’s the Harbor which you can only build if the city is located next to water. But you wanted more, and we heartily agree!

Something that may give each city a unique focus, or role. Something that can influence your choice of where to found your next city.

This is how the Mystical City Upgrades were born: These city upgrades depend on the presence of particular Treasure Sites in the city’s domain. When these Sites are explored and made part of the city’s domain, they unlock a new Mystical Upgrade in the production list. These upgrades usually greatly improve a particular type of unit (Pikemen, Infantry, Cavalry, etc.) produced in that city, enabling you to specialize the city according to the unit type boosted by the upgrade. Other Mystical Upgrades unlock an entirely new unit or have effects on the city’s defenses. We think this will lead to more variety in the citybuilding part of the game as some upgrades may fit your playstyle, race or class more than others.



Stables of Vigor

Requires Spring of Life. Produce d Calvary Units have Free Movement, Fast Healing and High Morale

Flowrock Citadel

Requires Flowrock Quarry. Produced Machine units have +10 HP and this city’s walls regenerate 20 HP at the start of each combat round.

Arcane Catalyst

Requires the Wizard Tower Ruins. Units summoned within this city’s domain gain an additional medal rank and are Supercharged. When a Supercharged unit dies in combat, it spawns a random lesser elemental unit under control of the dead creature’s controller that lasts until the end of combat.

Sanctuary of the Deep

Requires Sunken City. Unlocks the production of Mermaids in this city (yes, that’s a new unit!).

We have 12 new city upgrades linked to 12 Treasure sites in total so there’s plenty for you to discover out there!.

Racial Upgrades

Think this is all? We are also adding more Racial Diversity to cities, by adding a unique racial defensive Structure for each race. Here are some examples:

Blood Pavilion

Race: Orcs.  Performs a dark ritual to curse and hurt the enemy. Deals 14 physical damage and has a chance to inflict Bleeding Wounds to a random enemy unit each combat round.

Bell Tower

Race: Humans. Bell rings, causing the town’s citizens to fire a hail of arrows at the invading force, dealing physical damage to a random enemy unit + surrounding hexes.

Firestorm Pillar

Race: Draconians. Creates a pillar of fire which obliterates enemy units. Deals 4 physical and 8 fire damage to all enemy units in a 1 hex radius around a random enemy unit each combat round.

Fire Pillar In Action

As always, let us know what you think on the forums!


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