2018 PBEM 2vs2 Tournament

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    Registrations for a new PBEM 2vs2 tournament have opened and the tournament will start around 15 September 2018!

    One member of the team has to click on “Join” there to register his team for both players: ! The Tournament itself will start around mid-September.
    Please check the Rules section for the settings and the Prizes section for details on the prizes for the winners and participants.

    Donations collected may help support the purchase done for the Shadow Demon 3D models for the Shadow Realm Community Expansion.

    For those interested in tournaments in general, a subjective analysis of the results of the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament with some opinions on the top classes and races based on the stats of the tournament has been published, please find it on the official forum and share your opinion too: http://aow.triumph.net/forums/topic/2017-pbem-duel-tournaments-stats-and-results!

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