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    I am playing the campaign and I hav ea map where I control goblins v Commonwealth. I have spend days now hitting my head against a flame wall. The AI is spamming Flame tanks and Cannons. They are destroying my stacks like they arent there. I have tried all sorts of combinations of cav, inf, trebucet spells leaders but no way on thie earth can I beat them I am loosing like 6-8 units per flame tank and the AI just keeps on producing more!

    Please please please can anyone either tell Triumph this units needs Nefing or tell me how in gods name do I counter this unit??



    Dwarven firstborn or draconian flyers should make a short work of them.


    If only, in this mission I get goblins ! no draconians, and no dwarf in sight



    Maybe dwellings that offer fire protected or immune units. Fairies, Wyverns, Dragons, Giants.
    Keep looking for dwarves or draconians.

    Any unit with fire immunity is essential going to free-win against Flametanks.



    If you are theocrat, you can launch a swarm of goblin exalted at them.

    Is it the third elven court mission where you command a goblin theocrat and need to kill a dwarf and a human theocrat ?



    I am also guessing it is the 3rd EC mission where you play the Goblin theocrat. Unfortunately, Goblins themselves have no decent counter against flame tanks and canons. Your best bet would indeed be to mass produce Exalted, so research those theocrat units asap. The Exalted with their flying are great for getting into position around enemy units, and they can quickly get to canons defending a city by flying over the walls. Even better, as long as you win the fight, you will not lose any of them due to their resurrection ability. Have the goblin leader with the ability to increase healing of units in its stack nearby for speedy recovery: you will want to hit the enemy cities fast after each other, or else be faced with swarm after swarm of enemy tanks.

    The only easy way to do this scenario however, is to play extremely aggressive in the beginning. Grab those small goblin villages in the swamp and take ALL the cheap units that gives you for an immediate push into the heart of the enemy territory to the west. You will encounter a line of watchtowers and behind those an island with 3 dwarven cities. They are still weakly defended at the start, so even your tier 1 goblin units can take those cities with the help of your heroes. Summon some cherubs to have some extra canon fodder. Take those 3 cities within the first 20 turns or so and you will have crippled one of the 2 AI opponents.

    Some other advice:
    * Do NOT waste money on upgrading all those goblin settlements you take over. Only build stuff in the westernmost one you will encounter (the one in the center): it is closest to enemy territory so your reinforcements will arrive at the front line quickly. Go for beetle riders or if you need one or two extra units faster, make a few warg riders early. They (and the theocrat Exalted) are the only goblin units worth getting in this scenario, IMO.
    * Initially, do not bother defending those goblin settlements, all units must go on the offensive. There is only one small problem you need to get rid of: the enemy probably has a few drone units as scouts in your territory and they will capture undefended cities. Use a stack of 4 units or so to whipe all of these out. Soon, you will start having more gold than you can spend, that’s when you can garrison each settlement with a few units.
    * If you have the mana, always and I mean ALWAYS do something with it! In this case, summon cherubs. Yes, they are weak, but bring them along in battle as canon fodder and each hit they take means one less for your other troops.
    * Remember not to let your units approach an enemy canon in a straight line or they will all get hit by the same canon blast!

    Hope this helps a bit. I personally find the campaign way too hard for new players and I can understand if the enemy AI overwhelms you at times.



    Yeah exalted are awesome against anything, because as long as you win, it doesn’t matter if they survive, if you win they’re back. If you run into a shrine of the scarlet destroyer they get even better.


    Yep. Don’t dawdle, get the dwarf cities fairly early on with your insurgency, and then you’ll have tough fire protected units to go and take down their heavily fortified capitol (if you let it sit, that is).

    You should also tech out Sundren with sabotage: if you combine this with a ring of fire protection (I always get those), then she’ll have 60% resistance, and you can max it out with a forge priest. I managed to snag a second Golden Wyvern in my latest play through, so she had 100% fire resistance from the start.



    In another thread, a Triumph employee recommended going back to leader creation screen and choosing Fire Adept for Hell Hounds.


    Yeah exalted are awesome against anything, because as long as you win, it doesn’t matter if they survive, if you win they’re back. If you run into a shrine of the scarlet destroyer they get even better.

    In my (few) attempts death bombed units didn’t resurge.



    I used to take too long on that level as well getting stuck between the mountains and not being able to beat all those flame tanks and firstborn. What I did was I built a reckon squad which I commanded to run around the south through the mountains into enemy territory. The enemy saw them and decided to chase them down as the stack was taking forts. They functioned as the best bait ever as I could easily force through the front door now while my reckon squad kept running further into enemy territory trying to avoid enemy forces as it was being chased down.

    Some might call it weak, but I call it tactics 😉

    Good luck!


    Thanks for the Advice Rhaeg, a great post and very very good advice. also thanks to everyone else who posted. I will rush as advised and try to keep the momentum up with my city capture. I will post back my results but I feel a lot more confident know I understand the issue and how best to deal with it.

    Much appreciated everyone.

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