AoW1 AI – Am I Crazy?

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    So I’ve been playing AoW 1 a bunch lately, and it seems to me that the AI plays significantly better when you assign them a personality. Am I just crazy, or is there something there?


    I’ve run quite a few AI tests when I was building maps in AOW1, but I never was able to isolate the difference the AI personalities made. Expanders and Aggressor seemed to do pretty similarly well. Builders and Defenders not quite as well, because AOW games always reward quick expansion. But like I said, it was hard to really pin down. I typically ended up setting all AIs to Aggressor to try and maximise challenge, though I’m not sure if that actually was the best.

    I never compared the generic AI setting, though. But it’s quite possible it’s one of the less effective ones.


    Damon Rellik

    You are not crazy (as far as i know 😛 ) Expanders for example do as it says they expand, aggressors tend to capture and raise stuff more as far as i can remember from my map making days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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