AoW1 and 2 remastered please?

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    Any plans to do an AoW1 remastered edition? Since that game runs quite poorly on new systems due to out of date resolution and pixels distortion.

    Would definitely buy it if it’s out. The soundtrack is perfect already and my favorite among all AoW so no need to rework on that. Just need to rework on its graphics so that it is compatible on newer systems and resolutions.

    After which we can move on to remastering AoW2?! I reckon remastering will take up much less time than making a new game!

    Devs can add in some new features/units etc into the AoW1 and 2 remastered too! Always good to see new stuffs in them!



    Registered just to say I would throw money at the screen if they remastered AoW 1 and 2 with proper widescreen and High DPI resolutions!

    Please Triumph! Follow in the steps of remasters like Baldur’s Gate!



    I am so glad the first Age of Wonders still runs on my windows 7.

    But if they would remaster it (without “updating” the gameplay) you could count me in.



    No need to remaster. Don’t listen to fools. Mob rules!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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