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    I took the liberty to create this thread. Here we can discuss whatever you like/don’t like so far about this game as well as make suggestions about things you want to see. (depending on the previous titles of course)

    I must say that we’re all extremely grateful that such a game is being developed. After many years of turn-based let-downs we can once again enjoy a good game!

    I’m gonna start with a few suggestions.

    1) The only drawback to the awesome simultaneous turns in AOW:SM. If you had to fight manually, your enemies/allies would HAVE to watch the fight. This was a bit “revealing” and givving to the enemies. I hope in AOW3 we can do manual battles without anyone else seeing them.

    2)I read somewhere that there would be cultural borders like in CIV games. I loved the domain ideas, but as part of the magic and epicness that AOW had in it. I am not sure i want to see anything CIV like in this game, i want it to keep it’s unique character.

    3)  I’ve been playing aow:SM and HOMM3 for quite sometime. I enjoy both. Of course AOW:SM is a much much better game in almost any aspect i can think of but there was one thing missing. It didn’t annoy me but many of my friends didn’t play it that much because of this : Exploration. Homm3 has a vast exploration with many sights to be found and seen. Aow:SM had plenty too, and much more epic in my opinion but they were not that many. I think TB games can be played either fast and agressively or slow and more epicly. So i think  that investing in that area would attract even more “light-strategy” fans.

    4) AOW:SM had an amazing variety of units/races, gods and spells. I Just wish you keep it that Way.

    5) A pretty game is a simple game. By that i do not mean that you should dumb-down the mechanincs or anything like that, for tyrs sake.  I just mean, I LOVED that hand-drawn graffics of aow. I could stare for hours. Even know i find them SO SO apealing. I must say that well-designed units with TONS of details isn’t allways the best way to go. Sometimes simple and shinny is better.  Hope aow3 will keep the same art-style of the previous games.

    That’s all i can think of know and honestly i cannot type anymore because i must finish the aow:sm compaign.

    Feel free to enter your ideas/suggestions bellow me 😀




    Your first point is absolutely true, watching other players`battles was quite a nuisance.

    As for the city borders, i’ve seen them on one of the screenshots in Eurogamer article and they looked very Civilization like. But there was no indication on how this work and what these borders mean. So I guess we’ll have to just speculate for now:)

    What I loved in AoW 1 were unit descriptions and hand drawn pictures. It also had a very nice way of showing alighment and race. AoW2: WT had no pictures or descriptions and it was dissapointing. I was glad when descriptions got back in AoW:SM. Hope we’ll see unit art in the new game too.



    Portraits and descriptions were in AoW1 and returned in Shadow Magic – I think they definitely are a key feature of the series.


    Yeah descriptions is must.



    Then i must be really lucky that when i tried Age Of Wonders, SM was already out so i started with that . 😀 i just ADORE portraits and descriptions



    Also, first thing that i would like to see changed. Minor issue, and i do not wish to be an ass, cause i know the developers are putting their soul into it BUT “”

    Don’t you think the banners are a bit too big?  Especially if you have seperated units like that, it won’t let me enjoy the view :p



    The screenshots give me the impression that you might be able to rotate the camera. If that is the case, you can easily look behind th ebanners.



    It’s 3d so I don’t see any reason for not having an option to rotate and incline the camera.

    Another suggestion: I really liked how in AoW1 you couldn’t get through the walls without siege equipment/wall crushing units. Would be nice if AoW 3 had the same mechanic instead having any unit being able to break gates. There is a ram on one of the screenshots, so maybe my suggestion is already in:))



    I agree with most of the suggestions so far, especially with unit descriptions and hand drawn pictures.

    Does the game have any unit upgrade/ level up mechanics and does the heroes change appearances when they gain new items. One suggestion regarding this would be if a hero has high attack all the non magical units in his army would get good weapons, similar with if the hero had high magical attack all the magical units in his army would get good magic weapons. Same with armor. Final question, can any unit loot like the minions in overlord?


    First I have to say that the game looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad to see the tradition of hand-drawn look is being continued (especially in the main map view), love the water.

    And now for suggestions:

    1. Speaking of water: it would be a good idea if players could use boats from neighbouring hexes when the battle takes place near a body of water or on a bridge. They could be used to ferry units across the river in a flanking maneuver or as additional artillery support.

    2. I must admit I didn’t like much exploring structures in AOWSM: by way of a regular battle with some buildings in the middle representing a tomb/crypt etc. I much preferred AOW1 way of actually going INSIDE the building and negotiating the corridors and chambers while having limited visibility of what was lurking in the shadows. It provided way more fun and made the gameplay more immersive. Now, with the new engine, I bet this could be made even better.

    3. The huge spiders… Grrr…. They awake deep, ancient fears… My hair rises when I see them. Especially their backsides. Any chance of redesigning them a bit? (Or put a sticker on the box: “May cause arachnophobia” 😉 )





    Bart Youknowwho,

    Wait till they show Spider Queens, I think they will look terrific in 3d ‘))


    Not sure this is the best post for this, but it’s a suggestion I guess, not a game thing but, I would Love to have a Collectors Edition version of this game, with soundtrack, artwork and possibly some behind the scenes footage.

    I was completely in love with the art of the first game, and the new art looks Amazing so far, so I would love to have a hardcover book with some of it.


    CONCEALMENT  It always disappointed me that in single player, the Elven Concealment attribute never seemed to work. Elven Glade Runners, useful as scouts and pickets, would’ve been more fun to use in those roles: hidden in forests, alert to the approach of enemies.

    CITY BUILDING The AI, iirc, seemed good at grabbing Independent Cities but not at building their own cities. I’d like knowing the AI was capable of establishing a city where it needed it.



    …so glad to hear someone likes the descriptions from earlier versions of the game… I’m not allowed to reveal anything about the game, but I can affirm you won’t be disappointed by the route we’re taking with AoW3 descriptions… 😉


    Well, if the descriptions (And, I hope, the art!) are going to be as amazing as AoW1 and AoW:SM’s I’m very happy, those always drew me in.

    But I notice no one has mentioned the music. I’d love it if some of the old music was reused, I’m normally against reusing music, but AoW, especially AoW1 had a very distinct iconic soundtrack and I hope we get to hear some of it again, and not just in the trailer. 🙂

    But please, don’t go fancy #D graphic everywhere on us. Part of the charm of the older games were the hand-drawn elements and details (I played with the menu in AoW1 almost as much as I played the game cause the dragon kept changing expressions.) so please don’t ruin that for us. 🙂

    "You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body." ~ C.S Lewis



    On the concept of borders – to be honest, I’d always wished Master of Magic had a means of setting where you viewed your borders to be. MoM had a fairly obscure means of determining what territory ‘belonged’ to a given wizard beyond the vicinity of a city – which generally meant that you ended up feeling as if the enemy wizards felt they could wander through and settle your territory with impunity while they’d be enraged if you entered a tile that is a long way away from any of their cities.  (The mechanism is explained in the strategy guide, but is otherwise fairly opaque and counter-intuitive.) It doesn’t need to be something that has any effect beyond the diplomatic, but it would be nice to be able to draw a line on the map that tells the AI what territory you regard as yours, and in turn you can see what the AI regards as theirs.

    How much attention the AI pays towards said borders would depend on how greedy you are – try to claim too much and the AI won’t take your claims seriously.




    You are right about the AI city building and I would add here rebuilding of cities and structures as AI in AoWSM was completely useless against scorched earth tactics.



    My request is simple and only two: AI and maps.

    I would like to see is AI opponents with differences in playstyle and personality. Think classic like Miriam of Alpha Centauri or Monty of Civ 4. Rich diplomacy to go with this. Also good AI that can challenge without “cheating”.

    A good random map feature. Older versions of Age of Wonders lacked this with the exception of Shadow Magic which had a basic random map creator. I would like to have epic sized maps if my computer can hadle it against 18 kingdoms in a rich world to explore. Or, if I feel like it a small arena world where 4 empires are on top of each other.


    Steven Aus

    The ability to be able to set a random hero to always be able to match starting race, or current dominant race, without having to be an Anarchist. =)  Very important!

    Also, the ability to be able to make starting races of cities match the starting race (and in the case of AoW3, the class alignment) of any other city, including the starting city.  H3:SoD had the ability to set “random: same as City X”.

    And to be able to set any node to be the primary node of a particular player.  Like MP Evolution for AOW:SM (which has a lot of great ideas which you might want to use), you may want to add power for each matching node, and maximum power for the primary node type (element specialty or cosmos choice).  And having cosmos spells only for cosmos Leaders, separate to common spells which are available to all types.

    The ability to set the availability of spells based on any criteria.  So spell prerequisites (like in MP Evolution 2.0 for AoW:SM) and also any other way of deciding a new spell, such as “spell that appears after three spells  have been researched for x race and y class”.

    Also devs, have you read the “Age of Wonders 3 Ideas?” thread on Age of Wonders 2 Heaven?

    Looking forward to the game!  Looks fantastic so far!



    Well to be honest, i don’t expect any developer to understand this cause it’s my own fetish, but  i do NOT get why everything has to become 3d! I loved 2d games 😛 But it’s not a problem or anything i was just wondering.

    But to make another suggestion : graphic options. I think you should make sure that people can edit part of their graphic options like : Show hexes/movement speed/show banners/show levels above creatures head etc etc. Small things like that 😀



    I hope the tactical battles stay as interesting as in AoW:SW. Sieges were really great.

    Also, d0main borders were nice, I hope they stay – having the ability to cast spells only in your domain was refreshing.


    Steven Aus

    Note: can you only edit each post once?

    More Suggestions:

    1. The ability to add extra spells from events (with criteria) that exist seperately to the randomly selected spells.  If one of the randomly selected spells already is the extra spell, then it would not exist separately.

    2. Be able to globally ban spells (and other things), yet still give them out from quest rewards or events.

    3. Be able to give a spell as a reward to either the Leader or a Hero (either outright, or added to the spells-to-be-researched list) from an Event or Quest, that possibility has criteria associated with it (including, “matches Achieving Player’s Primary Sphere”, or Matches Race or Class if they have specific spells too).

    3. Be able to customize Quests more easily – to be able to set a certain Quest Stone to give a certain Quest (including some random elements and spawning something, not just creatures and possibly including previously hidden map locations, in the game).  Be able to set up to 3 rewards for a certain quest (slot 1/2/3), obtained from a Quest Stone or Event, and to be able to set a restricted set of items which can appear randomly in a specific slot. For example for Slot 1 you might have current dominant race’s and class creatures based on quest difficulty (Same as Achieving Player), or random race that has same class even if race isn’t the same (Random Race that has Class Same as Achieving Player), Slot 2 might have gold or mana (with the ability to set ranges), and Slot 3 may give a specific or random hero that matches Class, or Class and Race.

    4. The ability to give a Hero matching Class, or Race and Class, in an Event or Quest Reward.  Also the ability to randomly pick from a restricted group of specific heroes.

    5.  The ability to assign a Quest or Event reward of a specific ability to a hero of the player’s choice, possibly with one or more requirements (such as “minimum Level 10 who is also a Ranger and of a matching Class to Achieving Player but Race can be different”).

    6.  Higher cap (or no cap) on hero levels, with possibly an exponential used for determining experience required for each further level.  Maybe once a hero reaches Level 30, that’s when the exponentials start kicking in?

    7.  Obscured Locations.  Basically locations that are hidden, but that the square is still reserved for that object.  Either a non-razeable Obscured Location object is used until the object is revealed, or it is just a normal hexagon with the proviso that it’s terrain can’t be changed until it is revealed.

    8. Campaign Carryover Options.  As wide as possible options for what carries over from the current scenario.

    9. The Ability to have Branching User Campaigns (See HOMM2 and HOMM2 Expansion Pack Official Campaigns for what I mean).  This includes a special “betrayal” ability to switch sides to an easy scenario from the other side (like Roland->Archibald or Archibald->Roland) with the cost of losing all accumulated bonuses (see next point).

    10. Be able to set bonuses for completing a specific scenario in a campaign.  For example, +10 Mana Income per day, certain units of a certain type always join (Alliances), certain units of a certain type always surrender immediately without being able to fight them (Banes).  Like in HOMM2.

    11. Carryover information (Events and Quests) from one scenario to another.  So you could say have an Event, that if you did this is Scenario 1, then went to Scenario 3 and didn’t do this, then completed Scenario 4 and completed x, y and z Quests, you get a specific Event/Quest Reward or Penalty.

    12. Open-ended Quests (Quests which do not have a time limit).

    13. I know you can currently (in AOW:SM) set a certain date to make certain players win, but the ability to set a time limit, or another Alternative Victory/Loss condition for a certain player or globally, for a campaign scenario or standalone map.  So you could have a side that goes independent if you capture a crucial heavily guarded city and capture all their mines.  If an AI player loses then all their stuff goes independent, and their Leader leaves the land.  Maybe even have the ability to set what AI behaviour happens when a side is defeated. =)

    14.  Accompanying Point 13, One Player Maps with Alternate Victory Conditions, that would generally be restricted by time limit (so you don’t have to have a stuck dummy player to set one up as currently in AOW:SM).

    15.  With regards to the so-called “No Leaders” option like in AoW1: Have a “Mortal Leaders” option (side loses when a Leader is killed and all Wizard Towers are taken over), “Last Wizard Tower” (or whatever they are called in AoW3 ;-)) where the Leader doesn’t appear as a Unit and you survive until you lose your city with last Wizard Tower, and “Last City Standing”, which means your leader doesn’t appear as a Unit but you are eliminated when you lose all your cities.  When your Leader Unit is killed in “Mortal Leaders” and you still have your Wizard Towers, and in “Last Wizard Tower” and “Last City Standing” where your Leader doesn’t appear as a unit, your Leader still casts spells and can level up but stays in the game until you have lost (either all Wizard Tower cities or all Cities).

    That’s enough for now! <grin>  A lot of the above points were not posted in my reply to the “Age of Wonders 3 Ideas?” thread on Age of Wonders 2 Heaven, but the more important ones have. =)

    Thanks for reading, and I know you’ll make a great game!



    Steven Aus

    PS: Is it okay to not worry about tags on this thread?  Each post can edit the tags from the previous posts so maybe its better to just use “suggestions”, since it is a very broad topic?  Anyway, let us know. =)


    And now for something competely different:

    Health bars and the banners. I think they are a bit too high. A lot too high actually. There’s only 1 screenshot of this provided but I can imagine this will make big battles with lots of units confusing as the player will not be easily able to match units with their corresponding health bars.



    On hero generation:

    Rather than (or as well as) an option to have random heroes always being of your starting/dominant race, I’d also like to see something that limits the races of heroes you can get to ones that you have access to migrate to. (Or a similar restriction if migration is no longer an issue – basically, in order to attract heroes of a particular race, you’d need that race to be either in your empire or an ally’s empire, and be on reasonably good terms with that race.)



    Here after I am going to be a little critical with some of those suggestion if I feel like so. Developers, you can stop me at anytime if you feel I am going too far. Although I will be critical, it does not mean I am against suggestions so don’t hesitate posting them if you feel like doing so.

    TheDio wrote:

    2)I read somewhere that there would be cultural borders like in CIV games. I loved the domain ideas, but as part of the magic and epicness that AOW had in it. I am not sure i want to see anything CIV like in this game, i want it to keep it’s unique character.

    My comment: Think of a game like this with a cultures in it but without any borders, it would feel kind of wierd. Think about world without some sort of cultures in it, at least in nowadays standards, is a lifeless and dull.  Can you provide a good alternative to cultural borders?

    TheDio wrote:

    5) A pretty game is a simple game. By that i do not mean that you should dumb-down the mechanincs or anything like that, for tyrs sake.  I just mean, I LOVED that hand-drawn graffics of aow. I could stare for hours. Even know i find them SO SO apealing. I must say that well-designed units with TONS of details isn’t allways the best way to go. Sometimes simple and shinny is better.  Hope aow3 will keep the same art-style of the previous games.

    My comment: What do you mean when you use the words “Sometimes simple and shinny is better.” Do you mean that units should start simple any shinny end eventually look cooler and more detailed as the game progresses or do you mean that all units in the game should maintain the “simple any shinny” look through the whole game. Also the only way for the art style of previous games to carry on to the new game is through the hand drawn unit cards. Don’t forget that now is the year 2013 and this is a reasonably high budget game.

    About the hand-drawn pictures: I like the idea to have hand drawn pictures when you purchase the units in the city, but in the battles I would prefer to have the unit cards animated and look exactly like the real units, otherwise it would curse confusions given that the unit can change based on several factors without being a new unit.


    Yeah, please retain the “unit cards” with portraits, stats, descriptions, etc. Don’t streamline the interface to the point where it’s sterile and minimalist.



    @sokkur wtf are you talking about?

    1) Aow2 and Aow:SM did not have cultural borders. It used to have domains in which you could cast your spells. duh -.-

    2)I mean that 3d modules with too much details trying to look realistic doesn’t allways beat the plain simple cartoon-ish like design and might even make some games look ugliers and less “epic”




    About the cultural borders: That game is old and there have been some changes in game standards since then.

    Personally I think it looks much clearer to the player if there are borders to separate the cultures instead of just landscape changes. The borders would be visible on the minimap so the player can mouse over it and see what type of culture it is, while the main map would be normal without the borders.

    About the realistic look of units, which  one would you say is a good example of it: Fallen Enchantress or Heroes VI?


    + For a detailed description and pictures of units

    + Option for viewing barring another battle (for each fight separately)

    There is a proposal to increase the size of the walls. Change the aspect ratio of buildings and units. Denoted by one business unit or army squad intact as it was in homm. Increase the difference between the sizes of large and small units. And in general, I would like more realism on the battlefield (at least in scale).

    and of course avoid tunneling pathways homm

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