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    A “best mods of AoW3” poll had already been run a bit more than one year ago, but several significant mods have been released since and the need for a new poll was clear. This new ranking is more detailed as mods were rated on a scale from ‘To be avoided!’ to ‘Must have!’. All 20 mods of this ranking are however top mods, as they were selected through a shortlisting process. They include the first 2 entirely new Races created by modders, 1 balance mod, 3 new Dwellings, several DLC-worth mods that significantly reshape the game and a handful of mods adding new visuals or improving current ones.

    The full list with screenshots and descriptions on the article on

    The AoW3 Wiki, including a video library!
    Improve AoW3 with the balance mod (presentation video)
    The the community website for AoW3

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