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    Hello, I just wanted to share with you a funny tale of my most recent game on the map Caldera Games. It is still in progress so I’ll update on multiple parts.

    Me and my Cousin (M and C in the narrative) started a challenge of FFA against 6 emperor A.I., with us hoping to beat them. We are not all that good players (as we’ll show) and we wanted to undertake a challenge to beat the most amount of emperor A.I.’s amongst ourselves. This is our 3rd attempt, btw.

    Now, for those not familiar with the map:
    It is based around a central island, surrounded by 8 connected islands all around the map’s edge. Each island has a starting town and an additional town&village. The bridges lead to 2 enemies directly across. No room for expension, other then the central island, which contains 4 cities and 2 dwellings.
    There is also a ruined Wizard’s Tower in the very center of the map, which if beaten gives you the metropolis Nexus city, directly situated below it in the Underground. 8 teleporters lead to and from each player’s home island to right next to Nexus City.

    The only other location in the Underground are 2 elven cities that are very isolated in the underground after a narrow corridor, one guarded by an ice dragon, the other by a fire dragon.

    Thus our quest begins!



    M: I am playing as Sarnhild, the High Queen. A Frostling Arch Druid Grey Guard specialist, for those not playing the campaign.
    C: my cousin is playing as Edward Portsmith, whom we all know.Drugal the Stout

    We are staring on positions 5 and 4, respectively.

    Turns 1-13: The Golden Age.
    For me these were the golden age, at least. Having already played the map a fair amount, I immediately had a strategy thought out. I declared war on both other cities on my island, in one fell swoop, 4 turns, I made an entire round of the island and cleared out all resources structures and grabbed the cities.
    I am situated to the North-East corner, and to the West of me is C.
    C is bordered on his west by Gustaf Gorsmog.
    I am on my south side bordered by Drugal the Stout.
    Both are Dwarf Dreadnaughts.
    I had sent out 2 scouts, one East, one South. On turn 3, I mean a city on Drugal’s island, and make peace with it. As soon as I can, I form an alliance (turn 7), and I had met Drugal himself by turn 5, requesting peace. Which he accepted.

    C had the exact same scenario, but reversed. He also requested Peace with his eastern neighbour, Gustaf. But by that point Gustaf had already taking a town on C’s island. So he started off with a 1 town disadvantage, not a good start.

    For me, however, times were going well. My southern and eastern flanks were well secure (I had counted on C forming a buffer between me and Gustaf), and I sent my scout further south, so scoop up treasure. Meanwhile my main army I sent off through the teleporter, 2 stacks strong of mostly fodder, my leader and a Hero.

    I was on a quest! to catch the elven city in the underground. On my encouragement, C did the same with the other elven city, on the opposite site of the underground.

    That is when disaster struck.



    Turns 14-30: the Quest for Nexus City!

    The scout that I had sent south, had just passed Drugal’s island, and was standing on the bridge to the next island… right when Drugal’s village grew into a town.
    We didn’t have open borders and this incident caused Drugal to immediately declare war on me. Fuck my luck, right?

    Meanwhile, my main army was far off on its own adventure, about 3/4th of the way to the Elven city. I decided to stubbornly keep going and capture that town, otherwise all my efforts would be wasted.

    C took the long route to his elven city, and travelled the dangerous voyage over the kraken filled water, which he managed to traverse without much trouble. His main army first sacked a city, and later took a dwelling, giving him a fair chance on the central island and compensation for his missing city, making up for his lagging behind in capturing the remote elven city in the underground.

    At the same time, I was hastily forming a ragtag band of defenders 1 stack large, led by the timely arrival of my new Hero. Since our former friend Drugal, however, is still an emperor A.I., he outclassed me so much I decided to hold my capital for as long as I could make the Elven underground city my new capital.
    The timing could not come more perfect.

    Before that, however, I must say Gustaf didn’t care much for C’s buffer, and used the water to near me too. It was clear that all my efforts would be undone and I was too late to strike a deal with either A.I. My position was dire, and my 3 cities fell swiftly.

    The timing, however, was on my side. In the same turn that Drugal captured my former capital, I managed to transfer my throne to the secret underground elven base. And it was exactly that turn, that I managed to reach the ruined Wizard’s Tower with my original 2 stacks, plus the shiny 3rd one I got from liberating the elven city from the dragon, as well as the ragtag defenders of old capital.

    In the meantime, Gustaf had put up a request for C, to give him money. C was shit out of gold and couldn’t pay, so Gustaf declared war on him, and with most of his forces on the central island as well, he was shit out of luck. I was in no position to help him. His cities fell not long after mine.

    At the wizard tower, I first created 2 stacks of fodder to individually weaken the tower’s defenses (between and Eldritch abomination, mature shock serpent, 2 obsidian wyverns and 2 others, this was desperately needed), but they didn’t manage to do the job I had hoped them to do.

    I, however, was committed. These fuckers were going down, and I wanted to have my city! The main stack was going in, my leader, best hero and 4 of my finest units (which at this point really didn’t say much).

    And off course they failed spectacularly. Being left with my remaining hero and the leftovers, I attacked once again and this time they easily managed to clear it, despite the major morality penalty I had this time from losing 3 heroes, 3 cities, losing 3 battles in a row, etc etc. I hate how they stack so easily.

    BUT! I had done it. Nexus City was mine 😀 The biggest baddest city around. Complemented with a full stack of T3 elementals. Fuckyeah, bitches!



    Turns 31-34: It’s all about me.

    C was still going strong on the central island, and no one else was there, so he was alright for the moment.

    The moment I captured Nexus City, however, a global message went out that I did so, essentially signing my death warrant. As the title indicates, I got attacked by carishar with 2 armies of 6 units, which I did manage to beat, at the cost of 2 of my units. But then a bloody Wahzuhl with 6 STACKS appeared and promptly handed me my ass so hard I could taste my own shit.

    Well, fuck.

    See you guys next time, I guess?



    Turns 35-53: The Rebel Alliance

    So, here I was. Back to 1 city. My leader respawning in 3 turns. Minimum income. Saving money was hard. But I managed to set some aside for a hero. Together with my leader they were gonna kick some ass, and restart my way to victory! Or at least that was the plan, when they promptly both got slaughtered in the 1st battle again.
    There we were, another 3 turns further.

    Meanwhile, C had some bad luck streaks in his underground cavern too, losing all but a single of his units there. He still had 2 stacks on the overground, but that scum Gustaf was prowling the waters, and his undefended dwelling to the south was eyed by Carishar…

    I, meanwhile, was saving up feverishly. A settler out and bam! I’d doubled my towns. I had a plan to build 4 cities and hold out where I could make a defensible town that held a 3:1 ratio in favor of my defending units. But the consequent appearance of 2 consecutive heroes put those plans on hold a bit. At least my army was increasing.

    C wasn’t doing well. Where I had my low the last time around, he had it now. Carishar quickly grabbed his dwelling and soon after Gustaf’s onslaught proved too dire. He too, was back to a single unit in his secret underground base.

    I swear this looked even bleaker then the ending of Episode VIII.

    I was surprised then, when I had gotten a peace offering! From Gamblag the Master of Origins. I quickly accepted, and wanted to see if I could push it further: an liiance. I offered the alliance in return for me declaring war on C, which I off course explained to him. He accepted.

    And it turned out the fucker had only 2 cities left! One with 2 stacks surrounded by Drugal, about to be destroyed. He didn’t want friends, he was desperate! What and asshole. What’s worse: his 2nd town he settledd right to the entrance of my cave! He was gonna lead the other A.I. right to my position!

    So I boosted my army up to 6 units, and managed to win some battles. Gamblag lost in turn 46. I pumped my 3rd settler out and eventually C was recovering too, having a complete stack under his control once again.

    That is when the first scouts showed up.

    To be continued…



    Good luck on your endeavours! Looking forward to the continuation 😀

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