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    I plan to buy AoW1&2 and want to ask people who played through all series – how would you rate their campaigns compared to AoW3?
    I’ve heard that AoW1 campaign is pretty good, Wizard’s Throne is sort of weird (if not plainly bad) and Shadow Magic is very hard (especially it’s final mission). The only AoW3 campaign I like is Eternal Lords – all other are not really bad but kinda boring. Are older ones better?

    I’m especially interested in Draxynnic’s opinion. I have a lot of gold and can try to fetch a princess (dragons like princesses, right?).

    P.S. Sorry if it’s wrong sub-forum.



    I played through all campaigns.

    Age of wonders 1 is problably more nostalgic and fun in terms of gameplay.

    By rating I like Age of wonders III most. The only downside with Aow III is the story elements in most mission feels like a introduction of various races. I would recommend various scenarios like “Taming the great Khan” for a challenge and other scenarios like “Paradise Bay”

    Age of wonders II I played through once and I think is more difficult then Aow:sm and less fun. However, still I recommend every game for its stories and lore.

    1.Age of wonders III
    2.Age of wonders I
    3.Age of wonders: Shadow Magim
    4.Age of wonders II



    Age of wonders 1 is mostly nostalgy. With good leader/hero building, it becomes very easy – the early missions are easy by design, while in the later missions your leader is just overpowered. Can breeze through them.

    To follow the canon story, choose “Keeper -> Dwarves -> Elves”.

    Age of wonders 2 is different – your researched skills reset every three levels. This makes every first level a challenge. However, if you just delay winning then until you research everything in the book, the other levels are just as easy as AoW1 missions.

    AoW 2 SM is around the same. Both campaigns have their last level as a stand-alone grand finale.

    I haven’t played much of AoW2, but I completed all of SM’s missions except the last one.

    Hero progression is still very rewarding if you pay attention to it.

    AoW3 is slightly more fractured – skills and such don’t carry over at all, the only thing that carries over is heroes, while matching AoW 1/2/SM in having hero caps in levels. On higher difficulties, paying attention to hero development is vital.



    Thank you both!

    Are the campaigns interesting plot-wise? Or they exist more to teach player about game mechanics?

    I completed all of SM’s missions except the last one.

    Was the last mission as difficult as I was told? Or you’ve dropped it for other reasons?

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    The first level of the campaign sometimes teaches a bit of game mechanics. Especially in AoW3, however, the campaign is more of a challange than a tutorial. There’s a special, optional tutorial level in front of the elven campaign in AoW3. There’s a seperate tutorial button in AoW 1. In AoW2, there’s a “Cosmic” sphere choice in the campaign with a single tutorial level, also optional. In AoW SM, there’s a 3-level tutorial campaign with Symon, who has yellow as color.

    Aside from these specific instances, the campaigns are NOT intended to learn to play the game.

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