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    I find it very inconvenient that when trading resources we have only a slider at out disposal to choose the amount we’d like to trade. It’d be great if there was an option to type in the exact amount.

    It may not be a problem when trading one time amounts, though it still is if you’re sitting on a large sum of gold/mana, but it’s very annoying when you want to make a per turn trade. I make those quite often, particularly in team games, where I ask my ally to cast some enchantment for me and I want to compensate him for the mana upkeep.

    It’s also quite an inconvenience that the relevant change in income due to a trade agreement is not displayed. I mean that if your mana income is 60 per turn and you trade 20 per trun to another player, the game will still display your income as 60. It’d be great if this could be addressed.

    Talking of trade, I’d love to see more options such as allowing us to gift units and structures: forts and watchtowers as well as enabling trade of knowledge per turn. It’d allow for more strategies in team games.



    I like these ideas. They also shouldn’t take too long to implement (I think?). I have one addition. If I’m trading items I want to see which hero is carrying which item in the trade screen. If I have 7 felhorses (they’re everywhere since the patch) and want to send one to my buddy that is facing a bunch of flame tanks, I want to send the felhorse from the hero that is fighting against an opponent that isn’t using fire, or one that has it in the backpack, not the hero that is riding the felhorse while fighting alongside said buddy against the flame tanks. It’s really annoying sending the wrong felhorse and then waiting 8 turns for a replacement sent from the other side of the map by courier.



    I haven’t traded any artifacts yet, but I think your suggestion makes perfect sense and hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to implement.



    I agree. Being able to trade units and structures would be excellent. Lords of Magic had a very good trade system when it came to units, spells, and pretty much any player-acquired asset.



    Thanks for your comments guys. Any more people would like to voice their opinion?

    If we have more contributors it will be more justified to add a suggestion in the official thread read by the devs.


    Leon Feargus

    Although I hardly ever use this feature (singleplayer) I think you have some good points. Trading units however, will be out of the question. This would seriously mess with the class system.



    I would love the option to make deal with other players, trading units, spells, buildings, research or even specific parts of land.

    Would allow for alliances to be so much more than not killing eachother. 😀


    Steven Aus

    I like the ideas in this thread. Even if class-based units could not be traded, it would still be good if all racial (plus battering ram and trebuchet) and all dwelling units could be traded.

    The Original Post is good. We definitely need a number box for the trade gold/mana once off/per turn.



    I would love the option to make deal with other players, trading units, spells, buildings, research or even specific parts of land.

    Well, tbh I can’t imagine how you’d trade buildings or specific parts of land. And with the latter, I’m not sure why you’d want to do that. As to spells, I really wouldn’t like it if you were able to trade these.


    I think that trading units would be a great idea. Does anyone remember the trade mechanics in Lords of Magic? They were perfect imo.

    – You could put the trade in context (demand, threat, beg etc).
    – If would also tell you *exactly* what effect the trade would have on your relationship with the npc (war, hate, allied etc) so you could tinker with the offer accordingly.




    I like Civilization IV model for the presenting units. If your unit stand on the ally’s territory then you get bottom “Give It to owner of territory” – simple and useful.

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