Diwali Greetings And Sweets: The Perfect Pair

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    Heartfelt Diwali greetings accompanied with a box of delicious sweets can make the Diwali festival just about perfect for anybody. The significance of Diwali in Hindu mythology dates back thousands of years. happy diwali images

    Diwali is one of the most effervescent festivals celebrated in India. It is essentially the festival of light and decoration such as Diwali lanterns, diyas and candles. Lamps are placed in and around homes, offices and shops to attract wealth and prosperity. Firecrackers, sweets, new clothes, jewellery and utensils also form the part of Diwali celebrations.

    There are so many varieties of sweets and savoury snacks that can be prepared at home and served to guests who come visiting during Diwali. Here are two simple recipes of very popular sweets that you can make yourself this Diwali.happy diwali wallpaper

    1. Rasgullas

    Also known as Rasogullas, this popular Bengali sweet is filled with sugary syrup and just melts in your mouth.


    Cow’s Milk – 1 liter

    Vinegar- 1 tablespoon

    Sugar -300 grams

    Water – 1 litre

    Baking powder – 1 pinch

    Arrowroot powder – 1 tablespoon

    Rose essence – 4 drops

    To prepare:

    Boil the milk in a pan and add the vinegar to the boiling milk.

    Let is simmer till the milk curdles.

    Strain using a muslin cloth and wash the residue (known as chenna) under cold water to get rid of the taste of vinegar.

    Take the chenna and add baking powder and arrowroot powder to it. Mix well till it forms a smooth, shiny dough.

    Make small balls and set aside.

    Boil sugar and water and add the balls to the boiling syrup.

    Let is simmer for 10-12 minutes and add rose essence.

    Remove from heat and cool in the fridge.

    Serve chilled

    2. Hasty Tasty

    This dish does not require any cooking and is very popular among the kids. What you need to prepare the dish is;

    Roasted split gram – 200 grams

    Powdered sugar – 300 grams

    Milk powder – 1 cup

    Pure ghee – 1/2 cup

    Milk cream 1/2 cup

    Almonds- 50 grams

    Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon

    Edible silver foil for decoration

    To prepare:

    Finely grind roasted split gram.

    Coarsely grind the almonds and mix with roasted split gram powder.

    Add the rest of the ingredients except silver foil and mix well with your hands or spatula.

    Grease a flat pan and spread the mix on the pan evenly.

    Let it cool in the fridge for one hour.

    Decorate with silver foil and cut in desired shapes to serve.
    happy diwali greetings

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