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    So I’m wondering about good specializations for Draconian Sorcerers. Fire Mastery seems like an obvious choice with fire resistant troops+Hellfire and of course Tropical Empire, with Fire Halo giving you Fire immunity at will when needed and Fire Elemental helps clean things up after a Hellfire. Earth Mastery also seems like a great choice with Draconian Flyers immune to Earthquake(same deal as Fire immunity and Hellfire) with Earth Elemental arguably being both stronger and better suited for Draconians than Fire Elemental. However Slow and especially City Quake seem a lot less useful than the other 2 Fire skills. Either of these seems to be the best mastery choice. For the 3rd adept I’m thinking Wild Magic for its overall usefulness or maybe Grey Guard. Am I close or are there different obvious specialization combos for Draconian Sorcerers and Sorcerers in general while we’re at it?



    In general when looking at specializations, I either want to enhance one of my strengths or ameliorate one of my weaknesses. You’re spot on about Fire adept/mastery fitting into the former category, and I think you can make a case for Earth since the Draconians could use some extra tankiness (Stone Skin and Earth Elemental). I think Wild Magic Adept is useful for Degenerate, which helps counter units that are otherwise tough nuts to crack, and I love Shadowborn for the lifesteal enchantment. Creation/Destruction/Expander are generally useful as well.



    I repost what I had written in the Strategy forum:

    As a Sorcerer, you want to expand to get a lot of RP to research your T4 and other techs quickly. As a Draconian Sorcerer, you also want to benefit from the mana bonus of Draconian cities and of the RG that boost mana production (cheaper Shrines).

    So specs that boost expansion and having multiple cities are great. The obvious choice is thus Grey Guard Master (gold bonus per city) and Expander.
    Grey Guard will also give you bonus CP when you kill summons, etc.

    Fire Master is doubling down on your strength and unnecessary in my opinion, even if it can be fun. But fun is not strong here.

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