Eternal lords first campaign

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    Hey guys,
    after 1 year here i am playing aow 3 again! just bought eternal lords 2 days ago and wanted to start playing first from the campaign
    Anyway my issue is ;

    I am kinda stuck at 110ish rounds.(normal difficulty)
    The warlord dude got rekt by other clans when i exposed fire-theocrat dude’s treason..
    now i am under attack by two sides ( have 5 cities atm)
    I jsut cant focus on one, if i send commanders to a campaign against one of them with a sufficient army, the other dude just appears from the other side of my borders!
    I initially had issues with fire/theocrat guy due to him having fire/devoted units but at late game it is solved, my dread reapers eat them.

    But i am really having problem against the rogue dude, and the biggest reason is : SHADOW STALKERS!!
    Even my dread reapers have big issues at damaging them,
    they are immune to poison/frost/physical damage, like the types i have. Banshees seem to be doing some OK damage compared to its tier/quality

    What can you guys suggest me in my campaign to get rid of this rogue dude??
    The fire dude got stuck on his throne city (tho he has a wall of army before him =) )

    it is great to be back to Aow ::)

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    Hi GeilerRitter,

    Like you already say, banshees are nice because of the spirit damage.
    I would use banshees in big numbers, assisted and buffed by white witches for some extra fire damage.
    Try to also get an edge with the many combat spells at your disposal and your heroes are probably pretty tough as well with nice abilities and equipment.

    If you can, try to take out the Theocrat completely instead of holding him at bay. You only need to kill the leader and take the capital, you can blitz past the rest.
    Then you can turn your full attention on the rogue and he should be no match for you.

    Hope this helps you somewhat, best of luck!



    Hi Narver,
    thanks i beat it earlier today ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just found out that when you attack a city with several stacks guarding it, you do not fight them all at once but they get seperated. So i just beat theocrat dude that way, had him only with 2 stack then took over his city ๐Ÿ™‚

    But before doing this, i had Age of Death up and gained an army of unmeasurable size :)) literally the whole troopers of theocrat dude have risen as undead after the battles ๐Ÿ˜›
    then it was quite easy to take down rogue guy ( just took care of shadow stalkers as u said, white witch buff on dread rapers and banshees)

    now gonna start at 2nd episode !

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    Great! Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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