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    Hey Guys,
    What do you think of these possible gameplay additions:
    1) As an occasional turtle-strategy player, I would love a building that allows me to train units within my city. Even if it’s just 1 xp per turn of so, it would be nice that units can (very slowly) level up while ‘training’ inside the city walls.
    2) I use the terraform a lot, but the downside is that when playing with a race that favors barrens or plains (tigrans e.g.) the terrain becomes very easily passable for my enemies. So an army that is just outside of your vision range can march up to and capture your city in just one turn. To counter that it would be handy if builders (or engineers for the dreadnought) could somehow construct roadblocks of some kind. On the strategic map they hinder movement for non-flyers (e.g. +4MP to enter), and on the tactical map they appear as the fortifications of an unwalled city or so. A bit to create the effect that the defender is ‘dug in’ or that the outer defense lines or a city are entrenched. (think Leningrad in WW2). They can be quite expansive (e.g. 30 gold per hex), but would add some nice extra options and increase usability of the builder even further.
    3) One of the most exciting features of a game I think is the intel-part: where is the enemy? A way to vaguely know where an enemy army is located, would seem like a very nice feature for someone who plays as a partisan. On the strategic maps I imagine them as ‘colored clouds’ or something about 6 hexes wide that indicate ‘somewhere in this area is an enemy army’. I think of it as a partisan-feature because he’s getting this information from his informants all over the map..
    4) I love the empire quests and I don’t know if wonders could be another ‘big’ thing. The idea is that they’re race- or class specific and are very large buildings you can only build one of, but you can start building even if you don’t have the resources yet. For example one wonder costs 2500 gold and you can order your city to build it for maximum 200 gold at the time. So in this case it will take 13 turns to complete, although you don’t have to build it consecutively. You can build it for 3 turns, then build some units, then back to your wonder. etc. But you can only build one wonder per race/class and each wonder is unique. e.g. A ‘hidden palace’ creates a second capital in a city of your choice. (so now your enemies will need to conquer both palaces + kill your lord to win) Or the dwarves can build a miners guild, allowing their builders to create ground level/subterranean passages wherever they like. etc.



    Hei Kane I agree with pretty much all your points except for the “intel-part” that you propose. I agree that intel is fun and important in this game but just getting to “see” in what region the enemy army is without having to do anything for it feels like dumbing down the intel gathering even more. I think it’s already too easy to get intel on your opponent. All you have to do is scouting in the beginning, as soon as the map is “revealed” under this “fog of war” you can already see: Your opponent building something (Roads, watchtower, fort, city) and you see which treasure sites have been cleared and what visiting structures (shrines, berries etc.) have been used (or not) this already gives you a LOT of information just for free immediately and I don’t like that. Imho all other games I know don’t provide this information for a good reason namely that the information you gathered 20 turns ago might be outdated and you need to keep your scouts out there to stay updated. If you link the colouring of the clouds to something like positioning a “spy” unit in the opponents capital or (more AoW like) can cast a spell on an opponents army (similar to mark heretic) to mark it then I’m fine.
    In any case Triumph is working on a new game so you might consider posting your ideas here 🙂



    Hi, reading your comments on the intel-gathering I have to say you’ve got a point. The spell on an enemy army might indeed be a good alternative.
    And I’m eagerly awaiting the 18th of May to know what the new project will be like. I think the elements I mentioned above might prove nice additions to AOW3, but maybe not for another game/project even if it’s in the same style. So I’d rather not post them there (yet) without knowing what the project will be like… 🙂


    Uncle Farger

    I’m definitely a fan of training grounds for garrisoned units. It works perfectly in other RTS games, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in AOW.

    On No.2: While having 3 stacks of juggernauts roll out of a cave beyond city limits and still make it to my city does annoy me sometimes, but I think that just falls back to my own inability to both establish and protect a watchtower network. Being that Dreadnoughts are typically the main offenders of this, I think the mechanic is justified. I actually find myself enjoying the extra layer of management involved with it.

    I guess it could make sense that certain classes, possibly Rogue or Necro, could have a noxious gas or stench of decay strategic spell that works to slightly impede movement, particularly that of flyers.



    Aren’t the buildings granting medals already training your troops?



    Summon Magical Mount:
    It’s considered as a summoning first hand. This is not a concern, except when the target stack is full and you have to drop the egg next to it, not on it. I’d rather have it considered as an instant item transfer but I’m not sure if this is possible.

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