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    Referring to the rarely used units in PBEM ( I had the idea of giving racial T1 Infantry, Pikemen and Archer units + Archon Revenant and Archer a „General“ ability on Elite level.
    One option to implement it would be to make them cast a Battlefield Enchantment like Thunderstorm until end of combat (can´t be disjuncted) / until the unit dies / until the caster manually ends it.
    The affect could probably be implement like „Cardinal Culling“ ( which affects only units of one kind.
    I´m not sure whether there are smarter ways to implement it but maybe you would have to click on an allied unit of the same type. All other units should be excluded.

    The logic behind is, that the General gives commands and all affected units follow his orders, so each should get the same buff (e. G. +2 Attack or +1 Resistance or Charge or Elemental Slayer etc.).
    Each T1 should get only one fix General ability once they reach Elite level. E. G. Elf Union Guard gets Charge, Human Longswordsman gets +2 melee attack, Dwarf Crossbow gets +2 range attack, 3-time shooter maybe only +1 range attack etc.
    The aim would be to make it more interesting to build a bigger army of simple units which should lorewise be used more often than it´s the case now.

    The Enchantment gets the name of the General (e.G. Elf Union Guard Command) and only one of it can be casted at once (like Thunderstorm). The enemy could be allowed to cast it as well though.
    As I said, it´s just a suggestion of implementing such „General“ abilities.


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