Highest Difficulty level cleared?

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    So admittedly, I’m thinking of making a bit of a fan-fic about this game under the premise of “What would happen if Age of Wonders 3 crossed over with reality and that those who play the game stand out to the characters in the game?” without putting emphasis on shipping like other fan-fiction stories.

    However, I wanted to try and write this based on what players have actually used instead of trying to make a guess and risk being biased. So I actually created a survey here. I’d really appreciate it if you guys take the time to answer the questions I have. (Also, if you have any feedback on anything I should’ve done differently, please let me know!)

    But really, the whole thing boils down to this question: “What’s the highest difficulty level you cleared a Random Map on and what sort of leader did you use?

    But outside of that question, I’m curious: What sorts of maps do you play? Are there any particular play-styles that feel easier for you to use? Are there any that you want to be better at? Pulled off any ridiculous stunts against the AI? Anything not mentioned? Let’s get a discussion going! =)



    Okay, this post made me write something on the forum for the first time!

    Ah, my first random map victory. That was fun. Being a veteran aat AoW 1, 2 and Shadow Magic and after finishing campaigns, I jumped onto the highe3st difficulty. So I created a leader I wanted to be, and three enemy leaders, allied, and threw myself into the frey

    I was a Draconian Sorcerer, a Master of Water and an adept of Creation. Why? I chose theme over sheer power of the combo. I always loved the magic of Water and Cold, and in the previous parts, Great Hail and Healing Showers were my favorite spells. (Though in SM I prefered to go with Air because of the Ice Dragons). My enemies were a Human Sorceress, Genevieve Seymour, an Orc Warlord, Ghambular the Warmaster, and Cyreno the Vile, a High Elf Necromancer.

    I was still discovering the game back then. It was amazing, researching all those Sorcerer skills, growing more and more powerful in the realms of Magic. Eventually, I researched Frost Elemental and I fell in love with this summon. I love the theme and the fact that they made it instead of a generic Water Elemental.

    I obtained a Dragon dwelling and focused on defending it. Founded two Draconian cities around, one got the Wizard’s Tower Ruins in the domain. Clearing it felt amazing, it’s by far my favourite treasure site because of how I enjoyed AoW 2. I used the city as a summoning base, quickly raising the Wizard’s Academy and an Arcane Catalyst. It was the time I faced my enemies. They rushed towards my cities and a dwelling. With Node Serpents and Frost Elementals, assisted by Draconian Apprentices and Frost Dragons, I repelled Genevieve and Ghambular, but they were holding me at their lines until I got the Eldritch Horrors.

    My leader was exploring the world and clearing the sites, with a Frost Dragon, Fire Dragon, Frost Elemental, Node Serpent and an Eldritch Horror later, he managed to do it pretty efficiently. After a long war on my borders, I managed to raise up an army consisting of White Witches, Ice Queens, Draconian and Dwarven Apprentices, some Frost and Fire Dragons, Horrors and Node Serpents.

    It was around a turn 150 when I marched into Genevieve’s Throne. Me, Bexxes the Outlaw and Zari the Vigilant led the armies into the battle over the evil sorceress throne. Wasn’t an easy battle, but with the help of Chaos Rift, Static Electricty and Healing Showers (and Age of Magic) I managed to win, even though she chewed through some of my units, including an Eldritch Horror and a Fire Dragon.

    I just stumbled upon this topic and felt like sharing a bit of a story, hope I didn’t make anyone bored! XD



    Nice. It was certainly interesting, Frostburn. If you don’t mind me asking: What are your thoughts on the preset leaders?



    You haven’t included a link to see the results. Having taken it once, I’m not interested in taking it again, but I wish to view the readout.



    Here’s the link to the results. I may want to consider remaking the survey itself to ask for further details regarding those clears even though it’s possible that people might not know those details, like “What was the name of your throne city?” or “What were the opponents you had?” or “What sort of strategy did you use?” or more imaginative things like “What do you imagine life is like in your nation?”


    Well, thing is I have cleared Emperor using every race and class except Rogue (Rogue imho works best in multiplayer, not singleplayer) and I think pretty much every specialisation combo.

    I put Warlord down because it’s my favourite class. Elves are my favourite race. And imho easy access to t3 flying units is the easiest way to beat the game.

    Before pumping out Gryphon Riders though, massed HE Horse Archers are awesome. i tend to play on larger map, slow growth and research settings, so the window of useage for each unit is quite long.

    I think Draconian warlord might be overall the strongest Warlord, due to fast healing (means forced march can be really abused, and also means you don’t need a creation specialisation), a t3 flyer, semi flying Pike unit and a boost giving regrowth to Crushers and Chargers (which means late game you can seriously abuse forced march on a couple stacks of these, giving you some amazing mobility)

    Plus easy fire damage means roaming Undead indies are not a threat.

    The base Drac + Warlord setup is pretty awesome, so much so that imho you could go with pretty much any specs and still have a fighting chance.

    Infact, Drac Warlord was the only one I could reliably win with back in the vanilla days, when Warlords were really gimped (no scouting whatsoever, no field medic skill on Leader.)

    Earth mastery would give you a decent battlefield spell that synergises with your flyers. Fire mastery would give you hellfire, so you’d still take damage but much less than everyone else, and you’d heal quicker too. Fire adept gives you skin of oil.

    Your only real weakness is Frostlings imho, but the current game doesn’t have many Frostling roamers so not a big deal.



    I installed this a few days ago and won my first random map game on Knight today. I did one campaign mission but otherwise read nothing about the game. Orc spellcasters are my jam, so my hero is an orc-sorc fire adept/destruction master.

    I had a quiet start just mopping up hostile neuts on my peninsula, absorbing one neutral orc and settling my own city just to see the differences. My scouts were getting killed a lot since I set roamers to high, and it being my first game I had no point of reference to know if I was lagging behind or not. Didn’t make contact with another civ until pretty late.

    Anyway, it turns out the reason I was having so much trouble finding the AIs was that huge swathes of the map were lost to stacks and stacks of bone drakes. I had stepped into the fog to deal with one hostile dwarf neut on the edge of my vision, and as soon as the siege finished three drakes fart-breathed my leader and horde into oblivion.

    The setback gave me time to develop mana/research a bit more, build up a better military, and start spamming lots more wisps to avoid another surprise party with death. The next time I ventured out I had an obscene number of rams, shock troops, some eldritch horrors, apprentices and leader with chance to stun on-hit, oil skin + fire weapons, chain lightning etc… we deathballed through the drakes and burned every city we came across off the map.

    One nice, unexpected touch was gaining enemy heroes when they surrender to you. I almost felt a bit sorry for the elven warlord who joined me – the first victim who then became an incredible asset in destroying every other elven civilisation on the map. I also managed to recruit some red dragons for that classic ‘evil horde’ aesthetic just before capturing the last city.

    Fun stuff, looking forward to playing again on higher difficulties.

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