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    I am trying to add a new spell that deals a small amount of damage and reduces resistance, basically black lightning, but smaller and with no strength check on the debuff. Currently it shows up in the research book, however once research is complete, there are no noticeable effects. Under the AoW Player Class Skill it gives the Player Property required for a Magic – Instant Spell entry (“tactical” set to true, and instant spell for spell type link). Everything I have done for this spell is in the same resource pack, hanging out with all the destruction spells.

    I notice most spells have individual targeters for each effect, but I have two under the same targeter, does this need to be changed, when I want the damage and stat reduction to always apply, on the same target?

    For some perspective on my situation, I had no intentions on modding any sort of game two weeks ago, and only started because the package manager is right in the launcher and I thought some of the buttons in it were worth clicking.

    I have little experience creating something new in the package manager insofar, besides making another copy of storm magic, and a miniature regrowth stack effect hero upgrade.


    Update: Turns out running the game in debug mode is helpful. I had to choose an icon for the resist debuff and the targeter indeed had to be changed. Any tips are still welcome though, I may make different spells or other game influencing effects later.



    Cant remember with Spells, but some abilities need the preferred effect linked up,

    The only advice which isn’t very sage is to closely look at the spell you have duplicated, ensure all the spell is link to the target, target to resist (if it has it) and then resist to effect.

    I haven’t made one in some time. But outside of spells with any broken abilities or units and having trouble figuring out the issue, one of the best things you can do is just just open that unit up in the map editor, when selecting the broken unit it will have a running error down the bottom e.g., Error can’t detect the unit property, or missing a targeter, making it very easy to detect the cause of the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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