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    Hello AoWIII community,

    I currently have a few ideas for one or multiple mods, however I also want to reach a high compatibility with a lot of mods (looking at other race mods/Shadowrealm Expansion). Right now I’m fairly new to AoW modding though having the game played for a hundred hours I feel that it lacks a few things and I’d like to hear what the community says about my ideas.

    These are mostly:

    1. Lacking a bit of depth in your choices how to build your leader.
    2. Lacking a bit in depth of empire and city management, a little bit more surely wouldn’t hurt and greatly increase the fun.
    3. Content…like: More Heroes, more items, special and rare things.

    While I can’t do something about Nr.2 I can definitely add something to change Nr.1 and Nr.3.

    What I think about doing can probably be summarized this way:

    1. I would like to add a lot more items as it gets quite boring finding the same items again and again. In order to change this I’d like to not only add more items, but also new abilities for these items (ranging from simple alternatives like a weapon giving +1 physical and +1 blight damage over things like a long range heal to something like a pendant giving the Undying ability).
    I’d also like to add an “Artifact” class and make those items really rare and if possible findable only once per game. These items should be special in a way that they break the consistency in the way normal items were made, e.g. a weapon called Werlacs Staff, which gives +1 Shock Damage and adds the ability Greater Shock Bolt when equipped.

    2. Adding more heroes is one of the more obvious needs when playing with multiple people, there are already a few mods out there that help with this problem, however I’d like to combine the heroes I make with a few of the items and abilites I designed maybe even create a few new special ones to add a little bit more flavor. Adding heroes from other races that only exist in dwellings as well as adding heroes from races that otherwise do not exist in AoWIII also crossed my mind. Just like adding new classes special to these heroes did.

    3. Specializations….I feel like the specializations from the base game are a bit bland compared to the ones from the expansions and overall I’d like to see a bit more of enchantments, combat spells and buffs overall. Possibly even more “hybrid” specializations (like you need Fire and Earth Adept and then can pick “Master of Fire and Earth”) enabling you to get special spells. The ideas I have in mind however would probably need me to rewrite large parts of every specialization.
    I’d also like to add a few more secret spells.

    4. The races are as far as I have seen them, mostly fine. However I had the idea to add “Minor Races” these are races which behave like the normal races do, however they have two drawbacks: They cannot be picked right from the start and there are no leaders for them. However there would be a few heroes. They also have a slower population growth.
    Ideas for minor races right now would be: Black/Bleak Orcs, Frost Draconians, Dark Elves and another group of Elves I’m not sure about right now.

    I know that I wrote down a few things others are already working on or have released mods for. However I’d like to create a well synergized modpack/group of mods so it doesn’t feel like patchwork job.

    Since compatibility (mostly with other race mods, like the Insectoid or Archon mod and also the Shadowrealm mod) is very important to me I’d also like to ensure you can use my mods with a lot of other things. However I’m not sure how to go about this, maybe someone can give me a direction here when something might make my mod incompatible with others or what I have to watch out for?

    Best Regards,



    I think the best thing you could try to start to do is make a new unit. then make an ability from that unit, then jump into content editor and change the visuals for that unit just to get an idea of how the tools work.

    I still think Garesh’s video tutorial still is an effective starting modders guide

    Modding guide and videos Beginners to Advanced

    Also have a look at the guide here, the modders bible.

    When you first look at it, it may as will be in Hebrew but once you make your first unit and an ability, but pick out things you want to learn piece by piece, once you have your basic unit and ability tested and working you can then link that same ability to a item, or unlocked with a specialisation. Or you want to make a summoned unit and you already have the knowledge to make a new unit.

    There are some great tutorials, examples to get you up and going:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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