Key videos of competitive AoW3 play and new video library

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    2017 has seen a big increase in the number of high-level videos and players looking to learn intermediate to advanced strategies and tactics now have many choices of tutorials and matches to watch! From casual single players to veteran multiplayers, these videos, published by the AoW3 competitive community (PBEM and live multiplayer) offer both entertainment and valuable advice and examples. Basically all the classes and races and all the sites (for site clearing tactics) have been covered by the videos published by Marcuspers, Hiliadan, DreadReapr, Fluksen, Nemesis Zero, gabthegab, Techno, Tussel and others!

    The list of videos and more in the full article on, the community website for AoW3:



    The videos of the 35 turns of the match Hiliadan (Draconian Sorcerer) vs Mr. Hawk (Draconian Sorcerer) have been fully uploaded, check out the playlist for the commented turns:



    New match from the 2017 PBEM Duel Tournament fully uploaded:
    Hiliadan (High Elf Necromancer) vs xlnt (Tigran Necromancer) – 26 turns
    The playlist:



    AoW3 2017 PBEM Duel Tourney – Round 7: Hiliadan (Human Theocrat) vs rrrrookie (Tigran Arch Druid)
    The full playlist:

    As usual, all turns are commented with strategic and tactical insights and advice.



    The video library has been updated with videos from my Round 5 match vs Mr Hawk:
    This game included many fights where I played outnumbered and with low tier units vs T3, using and exploiting Guerilla Tactics a lot.

    Also, here are some highlights of the match!

    turns 10 to 14: drunk in my victory streaks vs independents (including 2 independent Draconian cities vainquished very early), I misjudge risks at a Flowrock Quarry and lose my level 7 AD to a Critical Strike (44 damage) from a Dragon Ancestry-boosted Flyer, and then do too many fights in 1 turn and lose my Leader in a Magma Forge… Will it be the end?

    turns 18 to 21: Mr Hawk tries to take advantage of the death of my Leader and moves toward my Throne. Spying his movements, I move my Leader safely away. Meanwhile, my army moves toward Hawk’s throne and successfully takes it on turn 21. We’re about to exchange our domains.

    turns 32 to 35: Mr Hawk’s main army moves back toward the south through the western route, and I misplanned, and moved my Throne just in his path. I garrison it and carefully plan my moves, while spying all the moves from Hawk at my old Throne: I manage to take his 2 last cities and he surrenders.

    Also, new playlist of AoW3 2017 PBEM Duel Tourney – Round 8: Hiliadan (Tigran Warlord) vs Marcuspers (Human Arch Druid):

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    New playlist for: AoW3 2017 PBEM Duel Tourney – Round 9 (SEMI FINAL!): Hiliadan (Draconian Sorcerer) vs gabthegab (Human Theocrat):

    3 turns will be uploaded every 1 or 2 day.

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