Making Games more of a Challenge versus the AI (suggestions for me)

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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for making my SP games against the AI more of a challenge. I don’t really have time for MP games, so I can only really play vs AI. Though I love this game, I’m finding these games to be very underwhelming, so my interest has pretty much fallen off. It’s a damn shame!

    First off, I suppose I should give a quick rundown of my mods and settings. I play either a Large Map, with Underground, or an XL without UG. Standard guard difficulty, standard starting army, Lots of roaming units (To try and put pressure on me to defend cities, and for xp+rewards for clearing their sites). Low amounts of neutral cities/dwellings, and a High amount of Treasure Sites + Resource Sites, for a rich map w/ lots of good places to settle. 8 players, with set teams. You would think making all of the AI players teamed against me would make the game harder, but no. They cramp each other too much, and up poorer overall if they don’t have the option to poach some land from each other (I’ve tested that one pretty extensively by monitoring scores at various turn stages) So instead, I will do something like 1v2v2v2v1, or perhaps 2v3v3 if I play hotseat w/ my brother. Weaker teams can and will get conquered by stronger ones, allowing the AI to ideally “snowball” into lategame powerhouses.

    Modwise, nothing too crazy – PBEM balance mod, some tweaks such as “change any node to any node”, couple of tweaks to summon spells, and, most pertinent, a mod which adds a “boost” to the AI – in the form of researches, to take advantage of their extra knowledge boost. These boosts add things such as extra medals to all produced units, extra HP / CP to heroes and leaders, and so on. It’s such a great mod – and yet it’s far from enough! BTW, This mod also encourages the AI to build aLOT more settlers, to encourage more settling.

    That last bit about settling, I find the most odd. Players I’ve talked to or read comments from on the steam workshop complain often that the AI settles too much in comparison to them, and they find it annoying/overwhelming. I find the OPPOSITE to be true for my games – even with the boost, I settle more frequently/efficiently than the AI, every single time! This is the cycle I got stuck in, before I got bored with the game. Unless I got caught out VERY early in the game by an AI, with their much stronger starting army, it’s trivial for me to get an overwhelming economic advantage over them by around, say, turn 30 on average. Their heroes are also always vastly underleveled compared to mine, and nowhere near as effective, even with boosts to HP and CP. Combine that with the AIs subpar movement of units on the map, and I find myself in an unloseable position by around turn 40-50, every time. Even if I’m playing on a team with my noobie brother and I also have to carry him – piece of cake.

    What can I do?

    Map setting changes, mods, whatEVER you have to throw at me to make this AI a bit more of a challenge would be appreciated greatly. I’d love to fire up a game either alone or with my bro – but he’s as bored as I am. He said that the AI reminds him of Team Rocket or some other cheesy Saturday morning cartoon villain. They talk a big game (“Cower, weaklings! We are coming for you!), but then they just get owned. What can we do? Thanks in advance guys.



    You could most likely wait a couple of turns. Basically give ai an advantage already from the start.

    Otherwise play single scenarios made by triumph where you pre start 3 vs 1 or find scenarios on steam if the game does not feel like a challenge



    I don’t really have time for MP games, so I can only really play vs AI.

    Play PBEM, it’s really convenient in terms of time: you play like if you were playing vs the AI until you meet human players, then the fights are solved in auto vs the troops of human players.

    I haven’t read the rest of your post now because it’s a bit long but I’ll try some other suggestions later on.
    We have in mind to add a strategic and tactical AI patch later on through the balance mod. I already have several ideas to test so if you’re willing to help with testing, we could start work on it (but I need someone really interested in systematic and extensive testing).


    Leon Feargus

    I sometimes like to play the merciful way, which is leave all enemy leaders alive and instead keep them prisoner in their last city. You have to keep guards on those cities to prevent them from escaping.

    I tried many times to play without allowing a single death among my ranks … but never succeeded.



    I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for making my SP games against the AI more of a challenge. […] Standard guard difficulty […]

    This “standard guard difficutly” what is that? I thought the hardest AI difficulty would be “emperor”.



    Okay, so – that post is long shit. Lol. It didn’t take that long to write, though. Lol. Fluks – the guard difficulty is Defender Strength of treasure/resource sites and such.

    Basically, I need a mod that gives all the enemy AI heroes Fast Leaner buff, all the time. That’s probably good enough right now.

    And yes, I will do some testing, perhaps. Depends or what it is, but if I will be playing, I wouldn’t mind doing some testing for the AI.

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    Ok, please add me on Steam: Hiliadan, or register on the Battlefield and let’s talk there, as you want. First step is to make baseline observations of the situation without AI patch.



    Okay. I will come to the battlefield this weekend, and I’ll register. Also gonna think of some framework of observations to make. I took alot of notes @ one point with AI’s general mistakes and how to streamline it, but half was logistical and im being told not much can be done on overworld map. So now, I think in terms of this mod:

    This mod basically uses AI’s enhanced research bonus to add technologies that slowly scale up AI’s power level. Pretty smart stuff, like I said a good baseline.

    Anyway, yea. Super busy so sorry I took so long to get back. And i’ll be gone again until this weekend at least 😛



    Set your map size to small.
    Set 3 computer enemies to Emperor (or Lord). No teams needed.
    Set city building to OFF.
    Set defenders, roamers, neutrals etc. all to high, or max settings.
    Set sites, treasures, etc. to max.
    Set the number of neutral cities high. I find an average of 3-4 per nation works well. Also, you can add dwellings if you like, or not. I always add some.
    Set starting city to “city”.

    The rest of the settings you can play around with to your liking.

    I find the above setup produces fast, action packed games, with challenging computer opponents. Expect to be engaged in heavy fighting before turn 20. This is also a great way to have fun with the lower tier units, and appreciate them more. Enjoy!

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