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    Hey, just started a let’s play youtube channel dedicated to our little strategy gem AoW 3 today. I am playing through all seven classes on random maps versus three teamed up empire AI opponents. I am commentating on strategy and decision making the whole time and all discussions and suggestions are welcome.

    Watch me get slaughtered or earn eternal glory.

    The channel is named after my favourite AoW item “Lizard on a stick”

    Lizard on a Stick – Youtube Channel

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    Some obvious mistakes made by streamers IMHO (not all may be refferenced to you but still it is a pain to watch some lets plays due to):

    1) Hex grid enabled. If you are streaming FOR people, you should probably turn it off as ppl like to watch in relaxed mode. It ruins the visual.
    2) Fast combat animation. Same as #1 – it is quite useful in tideous or MP games but in streams you should stick to visuals. You should not use it ever.
    3) Less talk – more action. It means you should not describe EVERY click or your decision. And do not roam around map clicking random things describing stuff. Just do not waste time – play in a pretty fast pace, do not return to things you already done. And do not talk every second. Some pauses are pretty welcome.
    4) If you are doing a video for public viewing – you should play game quite well (at least be able to beat a campaign on hardest) and know all aspects somehow. Reading unit description or looking into ToW every time is boring as hell. Ppl wont watch video lets plays if they are newbies in AoW – they will watch tutorials. Lets plays are for experienced ppl mostly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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