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    Happy new year to all.

    I have planned for 2017 to organize a new MP Event for the community.
    But i want try something new. My idea is to find players who are really active and often Play, so more games.

    A classic tournament like single elimination or double Elimination is not the best, where you may only play once or twice and all are waiting for inactive players. A little tournament with few players but very active Players is a better one. so Players can Play next game without waiting.

    That is why my idea is to organize a league with ascent and descent.
    In the league play max. 5 players, but they play two times against each other.

    If there are more than 5 players, there is a 2nd league, if there are more than 10 players, there is a 3rd league. If there are more than 5 players in the first league, the places are qualified after the ladderrank. So please report your games on battlefield to get an improved rank and show us your activity!

    There are home and away rights, in the home right the player can determine the class and choose from different settings. Both players must take the same class and same race, so the game shall be fair. A game should take place within 14 days. There are 8 games in total.

    From the various settings can be between
    – Continents / Normal size with UG
    – Pageaa / Small size with UG
    – Islands / Large size without UG
    to get choosen
    The match have to played in one session.
    The match are limited to 80 turns, after it, the statistic will be find a winner.
    No-end games are not tolerated.

    The MP Mod from griffith will be played

    There is a presence requirement on the page, the players must actively participate in the game blog. If there is no game and no entry, a disqualification threatens and a complete ban from league. Inactivity is not tolerated.
    You can take a break, but it has to be made public.
    And we will check every Player if he is activ enough to play, we will ask and invite Players.

    Otherwise the rules of the last MP tournament

    Who is interested in this idea and league?

    A Price can be sponsored within PayPal from Players and community. The bf Team will sure Sponsor a Little Price.

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