PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod v1.23 released: a small but impactful update

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    Released on its beta branch only 1 month after v1.22, the balance’s mod v1.23 contains only 10 main changes but its impact on heroes’ and Leaders’ builds should still be significant. This small updates focuses on making rarely used heroes and Leaders’ abilities more useful, brings light adjustments to Necro and a few other small fixes/changes.


    Read more (and get the full changelog) in the full article on the Battlefield, the community website for AoW3: https://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=commnews&eingabenewsid=73



    v1.23 should soon receive an update on the beta branch (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758212846) to correct some small issues.
    It’s still planned to release it on the main branch (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661597466) in about 45 days.

    The preliminary changelog for v1.24 should be released in about 2 weeks.



    v1.24 has been released on the beta branch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758212846 and should be released on the main branch in about 1 month.

    Changelog of v1.24:
    – Forbidden Sanctum no longer has a defender set containing Nymphs and Shamans
    – Domains of XXX spells can be researched by Necromancer (were not displayed in the research book of Necromancer) and their non-morale bonus apply to Undead, Elementals and units of Magical Origin (these three types of units still do not start to “Like” the climate due to the spell) (was Undead, Elementals and units of Magical Origin do not benefit from the stat boost)
    – The Dreadnought ability Fireproofing gives +60% Fire Protection and Lava Walking. It requires Forge Aprons. (was called “Lava Walking”, was giving +100 % Fire Protection and did not require Forge Aprons)
    – Orc Impalers get “Impaling” (Impalers have a 8 physical strength chance with each attack to immobilize the attacked unit for 2 rounds) and cost +5 Gold
    – Undead Archon Dwelling’s buildings:
    Graveyard (Infantry) costs 50 gold (was 100)
    Charnel House (Archer) costs 50 gold (was 100)
    Sigil of Awakening costs 50 gold and 25 mana (was 50 gold and 50 mana)
    Obelisk of Undeath (gives Cursed to enemy units in domain) costs 75 gold and 25 mana (was 75 gold and 50 mana)
    Barrow (Caster) costs 90 gold and 50 mana (was 100 gold and 50 mana)
    Haunted Vault (Wraith) is unlocked by Sigil of Awakening and Obelisk of Undead (was unlocked by Barrow, itself needing these 2 buildings) and cost 135 gold and 40 mana (was 160 gold and 40 mana)
    Mausoleum (Titan) costs 250 gold and 110 mana (was 250 gold and 75 mana)
    – Chamber of Rite gives Heal Undead to all Supports in the domain
    – Obelisk of Undeath gives all Undead in the domain Undeath Aura, which heal them 6 HP / strategic turn. Obelisk of Undeath requires Sigil of Awakening (was could be built directly) and contributes to unlocking Chamber of the Rite (which also requires the Barrow)
    – Fey Dwelling’s buildings:
    Buttercup Meadow (T1 building): 100 gold (was 150 gold)
    Nightshade Hollow (T3 building): 250 gold (was 200 gold)
    Unicorn Glade (unlocks Unicorn) costs 100 gold and is unlocked by Buttercup Meadow (was cost 150 gold and directly buildable)
    Nymph Pond (unlocks Nymph) costs 100 gold and is unlocked by Buttercup Meadow (was cost 150 gold and is unlocked by Fairy Charm)
    Aphrodisiac Flowers (2nd defensive building) is unlocked by Fairy Charm (was unlocked by Nymph Pond)
    – The Mermaid’s Cove can be built without pre-requisite (was: needs Deep Sea Trench). The Abyssal Ridge requires the Siren’s Rock and the Deep Sea Trench (was: needs Siren’s Rock, which needs Whispering Rocks and Mermaid’s Cove, which needs Deep Sea Trench)
    – Serpent Hall and Viper Fortress cost 65 gold and 50 mana each (was 75 gold and 50 mana) and Altar of the Great Mother costs 170 gold and 75 mana (was 150 gold and 75 mana)
    – Undeads that attack a unit with Necromantic Aura get “Mind Control Immunity” if the Aura fails its 7 spirit attack check on them (units with “Mind Control Immunity” cannot be affected by Necromantic Aura).
    – Animate Ruins costs 110 CP (was 60)
    – Summon Fantastic Creature can be used on Water hex (was only on land)

    Also, a change planned for v1.23 “A new setting is available for “Defenders Strength”: “Strong with Normal rewards”: Treasure sites do not give +50% reward value any more” could not be implemented at the time, due to technical difficulties. We now have found a workaround: a new mod, Strong Defenders Normal Rewards (SDNR) has been created: when activated, it reduces reward values so that if you play with Strong Defenders, you have Normal rewards.
    The mod has now been released on the Steam workshop, enjoy!

    It’s a very important change for all those of you who play with Strong Defenders to get extra challenge. The game was totally imbalanced by the +50% value for the rewards you were getting. Now you’ll be able to play with Strong Defenders with the same rewards as with Normal Defenders, increasing the challenge.

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