PBEM & Single Player Balance Mod v1.24 released: bug fixes & Dwelling units

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    Ranked #2 in the poll of the best AoW3 mods at the end of 2017, the balance mod keeps fixing small and big bugs of the game and improving balance! The main branch of the mod is updated with v1.24 three months after the release of the previous update. v1.24 completes the work on making rarely produced units more useful, fixes 6 bugs (and corrects 1 description) of the official version and introduce a few small balance tweaks (including 2 for Necromancers).


    Read more, including the changelog on the full article on the-Battlefield.com/aow3, the community website for AoW3: https://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=commnews&eingabenewsid=78



    Looking good! I’m not surprised that interest fell off in trying to actually do anything official with the Emperor AI. Seems like a challenge best handled by another mod/group of mods.



    I’m not surprised that interest fell off in trying to actually do anything official with the Emperor AI.

    Not sure what you mean but we still plan to tackle the AI in the balance mod.

    If you’re still interested to help do the tests required to establish a baseline, please add me on Steam or contact me on the BF, as I suggested several weeks ago. Without a tester, we won’t go far.

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    Ohhhhh I c ic, thing is I have GoG version and I didn’t really use steam all that much. I will add you, and maybe I will get a copy of AOW on steam for a clean install without all my mods installed. Not sure about all that, Gog version vs. steam version but all I have is gog version right now



    MB you can elaborate more on steam about the type of ai testing you need b/c I just did a test game vs. some AI to work on my mod.



    Ohhhhh I c ic, thing is I have GoG version and I didn’t really use steam all that much.

    I have AoW3 on GoG only, not Steam. Steam is just for chatting. Still haven’t heard of you there or on the Battlefield website. 😛

    There is a nice article by Fluksen and an interesting story by Zaskow on his role as the modder of the balance mod in the Stronghelm Globe, the new newspaper of AoW3: https://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=press



    v1.25 has been released on the beta branch of the balance mod! It should be released on the main branch in about 2 months.

    The changelog can be found at the usual location: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jgwAg70dwNm8i3nFJqt8hrnwpNmxudn2aSXuvDet-5w/edit#heading=h.pjhlvdu2x0i

    Bug corrections
    Bugs of the official game corrected:
    – The Eternal Lords’ Beholder (Watcher) defender set for the Ziggurath now contains a Phoenix as all the other Beholder’s defender set (was contains only Watcher and Sphinx, in addition to Tigran units, so no T4)
    Issues/bugs of the balance mod corrected:
    – The Tome of Wonder’s entry for the Necromancer class no longer lists Raise Corpse as a starting ability for the heroes of that class
    -Quick Dash’s healing does not work on units with Cannot Heal (from Death March) any more

    Display improvement
    – New icons, courtesy of IIaanor, are added for the following abilities modified or added by the mod:
    Lesser Mighty Meek
    Lesser Charm
    Lesser Control Undead
    Combat Healing
    Reanimate Undead

    – Tournament size 65 x 73 becomes Tournament square 73 x 73
    – A new “Square Medium” map size is available: 89 x 89 (by comparison, Medium is 73 x 97).
    – Kwapa, Nashac and, Falenas get Awaken Spirit and 2 free points (was nothing in the balance mod and Befriend Animal in the official version)
    – Forbidden Sanctum’s battle enchantment is Mass Bless / Mass Curse and Shock Missile (starting with 1 turn cooldown) cast every turn on a random enemy unit
    – Sunken City’s battle enchantment is Frost Missile (cast every turn on an enemy unit, starting with 1 turn cooldown)
    – The True Resurrect skill unlocks two spells : True Resurrect (50 CP) which can affect any unit and Greater Resurrect (25 CP) which can affect only allied units (was True Resurrect costs 25 CP and can affect any unit).
    – A new Avatar spell, “Clear River” (rapids) is available as a starting spell. It allows to terraform blocked rivers into (unblocked) rivers (when in domain) for 12 mana per hex.
    – Blocked Rivers (rapids) are now generated only as small sections of rivers (about 5 hexes long), and not as long rivers [not yet implemented in the beta branch]
    – Path of xx (Frost, Decay, Life, …) abilities become strategic activable abilities giving the Path for 1 turn

    Arch Druid
    – Poison Domain can be cast on cities owned by the caster’s allies (was only caster’s cities)

    – Inject Mana Fuel has cooldown 3 and can be dispelled (was Once per battle and cannot be dispelled).
    – Dreadnoughts get +5 gold/Village

    – Stiffen Limb has a strength 13 Spirit check and cost 7 CP. If it fails, its target gets -12 MP for one turn (was no attack check).
    – Lesser Reanimate Undead is removed for heroes and Leaders and Greater Reanimate Undead is renamed Reanimate Undead
    – Ghouling Strike does not give any damage bonus (was +5 physical, +5 blight)
    – Whispers of the Fallen is Tier 2 and costs 120 RP (was Tier 1 and 60 RP)

    – Martyr have a specific tier parameter: they reach Expert at 70 XP instead of 35 XP and reach Elite at 140 XP instead of 70 XP. Regeneration is available at Expert (was Elite). Awakened Martyrs are removed.

    – Tigran cities get +3 gold bonus (was 5)

    – Unicorns get Healing on Elite

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