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    Session Name: Scooter goes goblin
    (Small map with underground and 4 players)

    I am hosting this game and every time I try to end my turn the upload fails.
    I can workaround this by restarting the whole game and then end my turn once more, then the upload works. Its kinda annoying. =)
    None of the other players have this problem.

    I have searched the forums about the problem and sometimes its seems like its the size of the files in the PBEM folder that is the problem. My files however is 511kb/511kb/1kb so that should not be it, I guess.

    Any suggestions what to do?



    Sorry to hear uploading goes wrong.

    Not sure what’s going wrong here. It should just work. What kind of connection do you have?

    Uploads usually fail when there’s an unstable connection.



    I can workaround this by restarting the whole game and then end my turn once more, then the upload works.

    What do you mean by “restarting the whole game”? I very often have upload fails and I just open the PBEM game again and re-end my turn, and it usually works the 2nd or 3rd time.
    Might be the country where you live too. I’m in China and downloads/uploads to AoW3 server are not so good.



    Hi and thanks for the response.

    My connection are at 100mbit so that should not be the problem.
    I have also noticed that if I do not enter any or just a few fights
    the upload works without restarting the game. Its pretty strange…

    By restarting the game I have to close the game and start it again via Steam.
    If I just try to open the PBEM session again without restarting I just get
    a neverending loading screen. Im playing from Sweden so the connection should
    be good.

    The good thing is that we can still play, the problem is just annoying. =)




    Don’t know if the game is still supported, but I have just upgraded my Internet connection to a low-latency, 100mb/s line. Suddenly I am seeing this in almost every upload. It can hang almost forever when it happens, and never re-initializes. It is as if the speed has somehow superseded a limit where the PBEM module cannot follow.
    Annoying? Oh yes.



    I have just started getting ‘Upload Failed.’ The file size is negligible and, up until this turn, we’ve had no problems. Any suggestions?



    What’s the size of the file?

    In the past, when I was in China with apparently poor connection to AoW3’s servers, I had sometimes to retry 3-4 times to send the file.



    Thanks for your help Hiliadan. I’ve always accessed AoW3 via Steam. This time, I went in directly and no problem. cheers

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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