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    What happened to Meandor and the troops that followed him through the Shadow Gates? What is the nature of the threat lurking in the Shadow Realm? How will the Shadow Elves be played? This first article on the gameplay of Shadow Elves presents their lore and the broad lines of their gameplay, together with some screenshots from their line-up.

    More in the full article on the, the AoW3 community website:

    More pictures in the article



    Is PBEM mod going to balance Shadow Realm mod too, or will you keep it vanilla-game exclusive?



    As a player who is typically sceptical at mods in games by players I am absolutely in love with what you guys are doing! I am excited to see what you guys do with this, keep it up! 😀



    I expect the balance mod to also balance the expansion and I hope the expansion will use the balance mod as its basis but both these things will depend on what the community wants and what the teams of each initiative will want to do.

    So, interested by the expansion? 🙂



    There’s not going to be forced dependency of either on the other. Primary balance for the expansion is considered against the base game, but I think that it’ll work perfectly alongside the balancing mods.



    Looks great. I like their fluorescent colours, ties in to the lore you guys came up with for this alternate form of the Elves. Looking forward to see more of the Dark Elves – by the way, will they follow the conceptual lay-out by Gloweye, as seen on the AoW3 wikia – and especially the Highmen… ahem, Archons; their ghastly white skin seen in earlier news articles by Hiliadan of Flanoom’s models of these Greco-Roman warriors suits them (albeit still looking a bit creepy).



    It’s basically those Dark Elves, yes, tho there’s some stat changes I haven’t put on the wiki yet. Reason is because I’ve always made sure it fits perfectly with the lore we have, as does the shadow realm expansion.



    By the way, the team working on the expansion is looking for volunteers to help:
    – an artist to work on logos (for units, abilities, etc.)
    – a 3D modeller artist to work on Shadow Realm creatures, strategic map structures, etc.
    – a modder to work on the tactical maps and the RMG

    Contact me or reply here if interested! 🙂



    hi Hiliadan,
    thanks for the update!
    I follow the process of this projekt since the first time you presentated it here.
    And i´m really looking forward to the release.
    Sadly my skills are not much helpfull for your team.
    Your teams work looks very nice so far, but the shadowelfs are, in my opinion too similar in their appearance to the phantasm warrior. Maybee change their “glowing colour” a bit into darker colour? Just a thought…
    Anyway, i like what i´ve seen and the shadowelf-abilities show me that there will be shadow deamons again ^^ yaay



    Looks fantastic : ) I hope you guys will get many volunteers so we can play it soon! Sadly my own skills are too limited to be of any help.

    After reading it all I am now confused there will be Shadow and Dark Elves? So 2 new races? Or Shadow Elf race and Dark Elven dwelling?

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    Shadow Elf race, Dark Elf dwelling.

    The concept behind the Dark Elf dwelling is that they’re the Dark Elves remaining on Athla that are so committed to the Dark Elven identity that they either could not be Mended or refused to. Their population is sufficiently low that they’re not in any position to expand, but they’re all veteran fighters.



    Also the Shadow Elves live in the Shadow Realm whereas the Dark Elves live in the depth of Athla (on the Underground layer for gameplay reasons). They probably had no contact for many many years and are very different, though they share a common origin.

    In terms of gameplay, they will be very different too. Dark Elves will be much more aggressive but weaker to counter-attacks, they will be very good underground, weak on the surface and as any other race on the Shadow Realm, and they will display some links (1 unit) with spiders. Shadow Elves will be more focused on magic (or fighting others’ magic), very strong on the Shadow Realm but in difficulty outside it.

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