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    I bought Age of Wonders 3 and It says that I need to use a register key to use certain features. However I have no Register Key. How do I get one?



    Assuming you bought it in the Steam sale, you don’t need a key to register if you play via Steam. Please have a look at this post for more details, if needed.


    It says my content is already connected to triumph account but not mine and i have no idea and i am looking for help =(



    Please try again, should work now.


    Thank you so very very much!


    Hello I recently bought the game also, just wondering how to register the steam account.



    I have the same issue. I just bought AoW 3 through GoG. My user account, shows ACTIVATED. But the game is not listed in the Registered Products field. The only option is to play offline.



    If you login to GoG website the key should be found under your account. You can add this key to the Age of Wonders III Launcher and you’re all setup.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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