Source code release some day would be nice! =)

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    As of today, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic is over 13 years old.

    Eventually all game developers stop updating their games, and eventually technology changes and makes enjoying these old games increasingly problematic.

    Even today some problems are starting to manifest for Shadow Magic. Resolutions around 1920×1080 and higher (which can’t even be chosen directly in-game, only through the setup program!) see problems such as elements of the game’s user interface tiling incorrectly or ending abruptly, the camera zooming in to the combat map exceeds the size of the combat map and exposes pixels that aren’t being cleared from the previous frames, etc. DirectPlay – required for the game’s multiplayer component – is no longer included in Windows releases, but right now the OS offers to install it for you when a game like AoW:SM tries to use it.

    In just a few more years there may be more problems – any one of might which prevent people from playing one or all of these games entirely. The seams are already starting to show…

    I just want to encourage you guys to consider releasing the source code so your community can maintain these wonderful games if you don’t intend on updating them any more yourself. I’ve seen too many great classic games die and wither away because the developers waited too long and lost the source code or simply chose never to release it. Look at the amazing work that has been done maintaining and expanding the functionality of other classics that released their source like Doom. There are plenty of people out there who love the classic AoW games and would do the same for it if given the chance. And the extra attention this community activity draws to the series will bolster sales of both the older and newer installments.

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