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    Sorry if this has come up before, its a bit of a unique feature request. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a way for a Discord/IRC bot to poll the PBEM server for the current game status, like current turn and time remaining. We used to use dedicated email accounts with Davespice’s wrapper for classic AoW games where we could check the game status off the current email, and the bot would send reminders and harass people to take their turn on time in chat.



    I don’t really understand what you’re asking for?
    You can already get email notifications telling you it’s your turn?


    It would just be a simple interface for a bot to check who has the current turn and how much time is remaining. An email notification tells the current player whose turn it is, but other players do not know the status of the game unless they start the game up and look at it. It’s nice to know exactly who has the turn so you can predict if you will have a turn in the next few hours. Of course, the notification of exactly when your turn comes in is also helpful, but I agree less necessary if you setup your email on a device you carry with you, and set a notification for the AoW email. Some, however, don’t use their email much or see the email and forget. Our experience in the past is that a nag from the bot on Discord or IRC keeps people from forgetting and missing a turn, since we tend to set our timer to 24-48 hours to keep games progressing.



    You can set notifications for other player’s turns. That’s what I do and I have a very clear view of when it will be my turn and what’s the status of the game.
    I feel like if you play PBEM and AoW3 and don’t use your emails, you’re a bit out of place. 😛

    Might be nice to have such a feature but I believe you’d be the only one to use it. 😀


    Oh, I don’t know. Utilizing emails at all is a bit of a dated concept for everyone outside the corporate environment these days. If you compare this to the previous system, the AoW Email Wrapper, I feel it was very popular in part because it removed interacting with your email from the process. Granted it was also necessary to keep up with changes in technology, but the software notified, downloaded, packed, addressed, and sent off the PBEM game without the player having to ever touch their email themselves. Adding in additional avenues for people to get notifications other than email would bring the game more in line with modern forms of communication. While I wouldn’t ask the developers to go full on SMS, chat app, or social media connectivity on a game that’s well past its prime sales, with a tiny bit of backend support those of us interested in it could take it from there.

    At the very least, I hope this will serve to give some ideas to the devs on improvements for AoW Planetfall (which we are very excited to see!).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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