Suggestions for being Aggressive from a Traditional Defensive Player

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    I need some tips on being aggressive with a Theocrat Human. I have some idea, but would like some additional tips. I know Crusaders are an excellent tank unit and same with Knights once you get them. A stack of them with priests and martyrs can be useful. I know the exalted’s resurgence ability can be suicide runs against Tier III/IV’s helpful too.

    My biggest thing is that I usually play games like these from a very slow and defensive standpoint. I rarely go on the offensive and try to win in non-aggressive ways. AOW III is not conductive to this kind of play unless you do a beacon victory or seals victory. Any suggestions? Oh and does Armageddon not affect independents? The dreadnought independent hero’s units still had 100% spirit resistance while the spell is still active.

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    The title should be suggestion “to” a traditional defensive player.



    Not being an expert player, I can just tell that I win on Lord difficulty by capturing/absorbing independent cities and founding new cities faster than the AI leaders. I try and deny the AI any valuable city location extension by sending pioneers next to AI cities, and building fortresses next to resource sites. Exploit the fact that the AI seems to be a poor/slow colonist underground. Having strong site defenses in the settings help slowing the AI extension as well. The goal is that AI leaders can’t compete in term of resources.

    You just better have one or two strong stacks before the cosmic boss appears (around turn 65, depending on the settings) and dragons start roaming on the map. Wait for the AI to declare war on you (except when one AI is at risk of conquering another one). When the first AI declares war on you, you are usually strong enough to make other AI rather attack your enemy instead of you. As for the last AI (if not allied with), it’s quite brutal but in the end, you destroy the dozen of Manticores it has struggled to produce so far, and kill and rob its heroes (in several battles!), and it just can’t produce them as fast as it looses them. Because you have cities in the teens and it has only four or less (depending on the map size).



    Your post is pretty general so I don’t really know what kind of answer you are looking for…
    But for Theocrat I find it a pretty good tactic to quickly build a bunch of martyrs early, research exalted martyrs and level them as fast as possible and you’ll have a stack of exalteds that allows you to clear nearly any site with zero losses. There are videos from really really strong players showing this strategy on youtube (PBEM and Live MP).
    Maybe that can serve as inspiration?

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