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    I’ve been playing the game for quite some time and one of the worst aspects of it is that i need to calculate the most efficient research upgrade by doing math in my head for dozens of spells every 2-3 turns to make sure i’m loosing the least amount of knowledge possible.

    Has anyone found a tweak to fix how knowledge surplus works or perhaps simply has a mod that would show how much knowledge is lost before researching? Thanks in advance.



    Also dislike needing to do this. I hadn’t ever found a mod but admittedly haven’t played in a few months.



    This is a real annoyance, or a lack of comfort. The bright side of it, however, is that it forces you to do small maths on a regular basis. Hate it or not, it is now well accepted that this kind of mental work help preventing senile degeneration (incl. Alzheimer).

    Thankfully, we don’t have to compute when we gain extra knowledge from a finding or visiting a site: the surplus is available for the next research(s). Actually, we have to do some computation to optimize, but we don’t waste the extra knowledge.

    What can be done towards mid/late game or when you have non-production towns (e.g. because you’ve founded towns with better mystic upgrades or production capacities), is to produce research at some towns to finely tune your total research outcome and hopefully match your current requirement. I never used this, to be honest, but it could be worth the experiment.

    At least, the dev. could have added in the spellbook, besides to the required number of turns for completion, the estimated amount of knowledge that will be wasted in the last turn, so that comparing between skills would have been easier, and the extra knowledge production (see point above) simpler to manage.

    Or, they could have “refunded” extra knowledge into gold (or mana), as if it had came from a town currently producing knowledge and switching to gold production instead (or mana production, depending of your respective incomes). Conversion rates would have been preset, of course. In AoW2, a town ending a production would automatically turn to gold production until the end of current turn, and convert every extra “hammer” into an equivalent number of “golden pieces”, but the “produce gold” mechanism was not a straight +50% gold income, as it is in AoW3.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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