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    Hear ye Age of Wonders peeps:
    The first Age of Wonders 3 newspaper – The Stronghelm Globe is ready today
    – A Lore chapter about the (mostly miserable) deeds of Humans on Athla.
    – The whole! half of a PBEM report.
    – An Interview with Dreadreapr – The godfather of live MP.
    – An Introduction to the PBEM and Single player balance mod (including personal anecdotes from Zaskow.)
    – The Horoscope: A look towards the stars or: What is Sci-Fi (because OF COURSE you didn’t know that already)
    – The Announcement board, all current tournament standings collected on one Page (and all upcoming events on another one).

    Can you still have fun with Age of Wonders without reading this great collection of mostly insignificant text?
    – Definitely Yes! (But we hope you read it anyways and we really hope you like it!)

    Feedback welcome here and at

    Sincerely yours
    Fluks (for the Stronghelm Globe)


    I think you did a great job here!



    Amazing stuff.



    Very good reading and interesting sort of project.

    Much like a newspaper. Good job



    For those who haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend it! You can start with 1 article and come back to it later for the rest! There are some really good writings here! 🙂



    People from Stronghelm! People of Athla! Forumites!
    The oldest, most reliable, most interesting and above all most humble (and only) newspaper of Athla:
    The Stronghelm Globe
    has released it’s 2nd issue today!
    Read about:
    – The Archons
    – The other whole(!) half of last issues PBEM report
    – An Interview with the Winner of the Live MP Beginners Tournament: Petracke
    – The New Arsenal Mod
    – The Horoscope
    – The Announcement board: All current Tournament standings and other very important horseplay.

    Is this issue any better than the last one? Probably not!
    But we won’t spoil it for you so head right over to see.

    Feedback, critique and most of all YOUR AoW3 Stories and Pictures for publishing can be dumped as usual at: (seriously we need a War Diary story for the next issue…)

    We hope you enjoy reading what this self proclaimed editors put together again

    As always:

    Sincerely yours
    Fluks (for the Stronghelm Globe)



    Great! Vacation gets better and better. 🙂



    – The Horoscope

    For those who don’t know, that means the “AoW: Planetfall section”. 😛
    If you haven’t read the 2 issues of the Globe yet, I recommend them, it’s good reading! 🙂



    Dear literate members of Athla,
    the wait is over and once again you can read, discuss, gossip and criticise a new issue of:
    The Stronghelm Globe
    This issues topics:
    – The clash of Sverina the Golden and Krinla Peas
    – An Interview with marcuspers, one of the best PBEM players but also fluent in Live MP and the Arena mod.
    – Jolly Jokers Mod bundle: How to boost AI and have more fun in big single player games.
    – The Horoscope – BBBs musings on the future (Planetfall)
    – And last but not least all standings in current tournaments as well as the:
    Announcement board (notice the new announcement about Tibbles waxworks!)

    Lore is absent this time but we hope to resume it in the next issue.
    As always: Feedback, critique and proof that YOUR AoW3 Stories and Pictures are better can be dumped as usual at: (please feed your local news!)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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