Why is the AI still so stupid?

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    I’m doing an Arch-Druid with Lord Difficulty with Allied Victory turned on and a Theocrat Human forced me into a war with him. I tried to negotiate peace with him at first so I could deal with a Frostling Warlord to the north, but he was persistent in attacking me, so after beating off the Warlord (I have a Dragon City, so easy to do), and I essentially lead a guerilla war on the Theocrat, capturing his cities and razing them. But, he still is persistent in fighting me. He was forced to move his capital city, eventually. It just puzzles me the AI has gotten dumber since AoW1. At least, from what I recall, in AoW1, if you were winning, the AI would desperately try to make peace with you. In this case, the Theocrat is standing his ground and his losing. I take out his stragglers and I’m building up my forces on what use to be his far borders. And, also, he’s being attacked by a Necromancer to his north.

    What happened to the AI in AoW3? It wasn’t that stupid in AoW2, either. I think you guys need to do an update on it.

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