New Preview & How to Play Videos

Here are some new externally made videos to tide you over, while we are finishing the last bits of the game and are preparing new webpage content ourselves (Yes, yes – we still have that Warlord Class to reveal …  and we have some other cool bits to show like a certain editing tool 🙂 )

First, Here’s a great Age of Wonders 3 introductory preview video from Michael Cromwell at PCGMedia with a sweeping analysis of the game from the perspective of a newcomer to the series. This video also has an in-depth look on the possibilities of the leader customizer. Check it out!


How to Play Video:

Then forumite and beta tester iHunterKiller has more to show in his new excellent How to Play series. You can give him requests on the forums, maybe he’ll show stuff.

Here is his growing play list:






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