The 2016 Essential Mod Spotlight

With 2016 drawing to a close we highlight some of the Dev Team’s favorite Age of Wonders III user created Mods from the past year.  With all the great mods available, it was a difficult choice.  Thanks go out to the modding community for the hundreds of mods available for the game.  For now, our choice has fallen on these substantial 2016 mods:

The Old Man and the Sea

This evocatively named mod is created by Eomolch and beefs up water gameplay. It adds new structures: Seaweed, Coral Reef, Pearl Mine and the Ship Wreck.  We like how you can build Marine Posts to collect resources. It features 9 new units, among them the Sea Serpent, Kelpie, and Lurker. Discover a new dwelling which is inhabited by the mysterious Nynevians.



Empire Building Mod

UGC_Heptatopia 3Built by  Der Mentat, this mod extends the Empire Building aspect of Age of Wonders 3. It features deeper city specialization with new city upgrades and several new units for each race that unlock when a city is developed in a particular way, providing military and economy focus and new synergy effects. To top things off Hero Upgrades have been extended an new combat spells for each class.


Multiplayer ModUGC_MPmod icon

This mod by Griffith is especially designed to balance the game for live multiplayer sessions. It is made and supervised by AoW veterans. Its main focus lies on balancing the playable Classes and Races for the competitive multiplayer arena.


Heroes of Datel

Tired of seeing the same heroes appearing? This mod created by Datel adds an extraordinary amount of 100 new Heroes to the game. You are free to make your own hero submissions!



Racial Heritage Mod

This sizable mod created by Eomolch adds sub-factions to each race for good and evil alignment. Each sub-faction adds 2 new units which are unlocked via new city upgrades. Other new units include: High Elf Blade Dancer, Dwarf Molerider, Halfling Joker, Orc Veteran and Human Airship.


All these Mods offer fresh experiences, but please note subscribing to mods may increase memory usage of the game and can therefor influence performance of the game on some low-end systems.

Happy Holidays!

Team Triumph

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    Lennart Sas


    Thanks for the news and the highlight on mods!

    A poll on the best mods was just launched and people interested by the best mods could also have a look at it: (and the direct poll:

    Der Mentat and Eomolch did great jobs with their mods, spent (hundreds of?) hours on them, polished them and refresh the AoW3 experience completely, it’s great that their mods are in the list.

    For the Datel’s heroes mod, I’m quite surprised. They are several mods which add heroes and I don’t feel that one is the best. The Triumphant Heroes one ( seems better for instance.

    For game balance, I am biased but I feel it’s a shame the devs do not mention the PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod ( which cater both to PBEM and to single players, has been refined over months (it’s in its v1.18 now) through feedback by more than 20 experienced players with a community-based approach (changes are proposed by and debated with everyone), communicates clearly with illustrated news at each new release, etc.
    The live MP mod caters to a much smaller community (illustrated by its 144 subscribers vs 416 for the PBEM and Single Player one). It’s a great mod but it won’t help the big majority of AoW3 players which are single players.

    And last but not least, the best mod ever (according to people polled and to number of subscribers) is missing from your list: Racial Unit Reskin by Tibbles:

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    Check out the Wiki for a lot of very good data about AoW3!
    The mod you really need to improve your AoW3 experience: the balance mod and the video presenting it
    And last but not least, check out the the community website for AoW3


    Lennart Sas

    Tibbles has made some of the best mods – we’ve highlighted them before. This list is about newer mods for 2016 – We want to call them out as they aren’t at the top of the Steam Workshop popularity lists.

    The PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod *does* look very interesting – we’ll highlight it at a later stage!



    Thanks, and merry Xmas! 🙂


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to AoW3 players and Triumph Studios.

    The mods I have played are fantastic. Some of the character models fit right in with the original models. I don’t have any favorites yet, but I am looking forward to the community expansion. I do suggest that mods be grouped together. Combining multiple mods into 1. It is easy for me to subscribe to them, but many newer players prefer skipping mods because they cant navigate the workshop.


    Happy holidays guys. 🙂



    Happy holidays and best wishes to you guys. Keep up your way oft conduct in the coming Years and and you’ll have quite the fanbase 😀

    No Mod, but I try to help - Bane of Cockatrice, a Star and an Onion.
    Check out the (not so) official List of Map-Projects aswell as the List of Mod-Projects



    Merry Christmas everyone.


    Best wishes all – keep these mods coming next year 🙂



    To complement the list of essential mods of 2016 compiled by Triumph, a poll was run among all AoW3 players to choose the best AoW3 mods of all time. You can find the results (illustrated with descriptions and screenshots from the mods) in the article on, the community website for AoW3:

    Short extract: “The must-haves are Racial Class Unit Reskin from Tibbles, the Racial Heritage Mod from Eomolch and the PBEM and Single Player Balance Mod from Zaskow and Hiliadan. These mods bring beautiful new graphics for existing units, new units for each race and more fun & balance for the game.”

    Check out the Wiki for a lot of very good data about AoW3!
    The mod you really need to improve your AoW3 experience: the balance mod and the video presenting it
    And last but not least, check out the the community website for AoW3

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