Age of Wonders & Divinity Weekly Humble Bundle

This week, the Low Countries are reunited as Belgian and Dutch developers Larian and Triumph Studios collaborate on this Weekly Humble Bundle.  Fantasy, Strategy and Role-playing go hand in hand in this package full of miracles. Support charity and set your own price for a bundle containing the classic and critically acclaimed Age of Wonders and Divinity series games.  If you pay $15 or more, Divinity: Dragon Commander gets added to mix. The brand new Age of Wonders 3 has also been added Humble Store, which is available outside of this bundle. Support the Doctors without Borders Save the Children charities, and receive the blessing of these Divine Wonders, don’t let this great bundle of joy pass you by!



Base Bundle:LarianTriumphLogo

  • Age of Wonders
  • Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
  • Divine Divinity
  • Beyond Divinity

Payments of $6 or more adds

  • Age of Wonders II
  • Divinity II: Developer’s Cut

Payments of $15 or more adds:

  • Divinity: Dragon Commander

Also check out the latest game from our Belgium friends, turn-based co-op RPG Divinity: Original Sin, currently in early access on Steam.

DOSFind the Weekly Humble Bundle deal Here!


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    Lennart Sas


    Humble Bundle has been draining too much money away from my wallet. Here goes more…



    AOW1, AOW2, AOW:SM in 1$-pack will be better, but still great offer. Thanks!



    $6+ for all the older AoW games is pretty sweet. I already had SM via GOG that I played over the last year in the lead up to AoW3 – but I hadn’t played AoW 1 & 2 at all. The divinity games look interesting too – figured it was a good deal for a good cause.


    I have all of these games :S.



    Same here, but there were at least some people asking for exactly this sometime before the launch of AoW 3.
    Also charity.

    I guess I can get Steamcopys in addition to and harddisc copys.



    I guess I can get Steamcopys in addition to and harddisc copys.

    Triple redundancy. Nice.



    Well, 20th of june Larian will publish its new installment in the Divinity series (Divinity: Original Sin), so maybe we’ll see somewhere down the line a humble bundle for AoW3 & D:OS.



    Shut up and take my money!!

    And if this is anything like the other bundles they may be DRM free which has advantages.



    Thanks for the info, just bought it 🙂

    Btw are Beyond Divinity and Divine Divinity good? Is one better than the other? Does the order I play them in matter?



    Darn, I wish I used Humble Bundle before, so many good games I missed out on.



    Divine Divinity is essentially a Diabloesque with a lot more roleplaying and humour. However, like the original Diablo, you don’t regenerate mana by default – you can get it back by sleeping, but constantly having to return to a location where you can sleep gets awkward by the late game. There’s also an issue in that many quests are all too easy to get stuck in an uncompletable state.

    Between these two factors, I wasn’t able to get through my first playthrough (started as a magic user…). Might have another hack at it sometime now with a warrior or ‘survivor’ – it’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten enough of it that it won’t feel repetitious, but I can still remember the main trap that leads to uncompletable quests. And, ironically enough, there IS a skill you can learn that gives you passive health regeneration.

    Divine Divinity is the first in the series – I have no idea if there’s anything in Beyond to stop you from starting with that one first.

    In the meantime, I now have three different licenses for Shadow Magic… 😛



    Thanks for the info.



    They may have fixed it since I’ve played, but just in case they haven’t, protip:

    If you have a conversation with a doctor and he says that you should visit him in his home in town if you have anything else, do not do so until you have a reason. Talking to him too early causes him to be unreachable from then on, which makes two quests unable to be completed.

    (That’s hopefully enough to avoid the trap, if it’s still there, without spoiling anything except that somewhere there is a doctor that’s related to a couple of quests.)

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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