All about The Age of Wonders III Level Editor

While most of you have probably just begun delving into the depths of AoW3; we’re already getting questions about the editing tools. Designer Narvek  has prepared this tutorial video, showing the core features.  The Editor allows you to create your own worlds and paint terrain features with ease.  Place armies, cities, and resource structures with the click of a button. Create your own heroes, and set default diplomatic states between sides.  Tech savvy editors can script interactive events such as quests and create entire campaigns, including story scenes with custom art and voice tracks – just like the campaigns shipped with the game!

The  Level Editor Tutorial Video. AoW3_LevelEditor_StructuresEditor Screenshot: Placing structures and setting their properties.

  AoW3_LevelEditor_UnitsEditor Screenshot: Placing Units

Campaign_Ingame_MapPlayers can create their add their own campaign maps.  We have a layered PSD template of the campaign map here (50MB).


You can create your own story sequences, using your own art and voice files for narration.

The Level Editor is accessible from the Launcher (the Misc. Tab). Note that the Level Editor is offered for free as a courtesy to fans. It is not tech-supported, not localized and its system specs might differ from the main game (like you’ll need a higher resolution than the minimum spec.) Scripting Guide coming soon!  We’re looking into setting up a platform for people to share their maps. Maybe @ AoW community @ Heaven Games wants to make space available too?  🙂

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    Lennart Sas

    Nice!! Ive been waiting for this. In the middle of making a map right now actually lol 🙂



    I love you! 🙂


    Dear Mr Emperor (Lennart!), Is there any chance we can get the map without the empires territory control placed over it? That would be epic!

    I really enjoyed seeing a little more of the map, i cant help but notice that your still hiding the northern tip of the commonwealth 😉 Keeping it secret for a future frostling expansion eh? ^_^

    I love you! :)




    will there also be an editor for the races / classes / skills & spells? like the previous AoW titles or rather the possibility?


    Nice! Now all i need are Archons (Real Archons! Not your undead abominations!), Frostlings, and Lizardmen and I can make a nice map of H.P Lovecrafts dreamlands! 😀


    In the video, i see a really cool pan from a low angle, featuring units without banners etc. Was that done in the editor? It looked really good and something similar could make for a nice intro video for a campaign or scenario!




    You can disable the empire territories, they are separate layers in the photoshop file


    Haha i didnt even check i just viewed it as an image 🙂 ty Dan



    So… who’s making a Game of Thrones-inspired campaign? 😀



    So… who’s making a Game of Thrones-inspired campaign? :D

    Why would I want to play a campaign where everyone who’s at least somehow relatable to dies 😀 ?


    Make our own campaigns….oh wow.

    AoW1 campaign remake is now possible!



    Thanks Narvek,

    Would really like to know more about the advanced stuff. I learned some new things in the last few minutes of the video.

    I like to know how to properly customise heroes and leaders. My handmade heroes are invisible on the tactical battles and i dont know how to deal with this error 🙁

    Everything seems to work great with hero custumizing except that they are invisible on the tactical battles. And i dont know where my fault lies in doing this.



    Wow, really?

    Players can create their add their own campaign maps.
    You can create your own story sequences, using your own art and voice files for narration.




    Water based teleporter please 😀

    I’ll be giving this vid a looksie when I get home 🙂 Thanks for the post!



    invisible handmade heroes:

    fixed: seems on my pc i could not create a hero out of scratch. I had to clone Merlin and customise him. Now i clone all my heroes/leaders out of merlin. Ive tried out a lot of options and none seem to work exept this one.

    costed me 3 hours to fix this. Maybe some people find this information usefull.



    When I open it, there’s no green flatland in the window. How am I supposed to load it up?



    You need to create a new map!

    Basic steps for getting started:

    1) Menu -> File -> New
    2) Set at least 2 players and choose a size. There are RMG options, but that doesn’t work at the moment 🙁
    3) When you press OK, you’ll need to wait for a minute or so before doing anything. You can start working when the green ground appears.
    4) On the tool bar on the right, select the “Leaders” tab. That lets you set the start positions for the player. You need both to be placed to play the map.



    did you guys use this editor to make the game, or was it created as a separate tool later?



    Thanks, Tombles.
    I managed the first two steps on my own however perhaps I was just being a bit impatient as the window seemed to glitch whatever was behind it inside itself and it looked like it might have crashed or something.
    Seems like it’s just loading.



    Yeah, you really need to be patient. It takes a minute or so to load and if you click somethign while it’s loading, it will crash.

    did you guys use this editor to make the game, or was it created as a separate tool later?

    All the campaigns and scenarios were made with that editor. There are some minor issues we changed, like removing the ability to change what RPK files are attached to a map, but apart from that it’s the same thing.



    I can change windows when it’s loaded though, right? I don’t want to ignore my friends! 😛



    Well that is my question answered, no random maps with the editor, which is a bit of a pain as I don’t have the time or Patience to build my own from scratch. Do we know when or if it will be working? Or is there anyway to load up the scenario maps to play with?



    Hmm, Is it normal for the editor to freeze if I leave it unattended while it loads what I saved? I don’t think it likes being alone. 🙁



    invisible handmade heroes:

    fixed: seems on my pc i could not create a hero out of scratch. I had to clone Merlin and customise him. Now i clone all my heroes/leaders out of merlin. Ive tried out a lot of options and none seem to work exept this one.

    costed me 3 hours to fix this. Maybe some people find this information usefull.

    Is there a way to bypass this and import custom heroes from the Custom tab from Random Map/Scenario games?

    Creating heroes with the visual interface is MUCH easier when you’re going for a particular aesthetic. It’s completely possible to separately record and re-enter the character values for each custom leader when making a scenario or campaign in the editor, but that seems like a lot of extra work when importing the custom leaders should be relatively straightforward.




    “Scripting Guide coming soon!”

    Looking forward to this. Tried some things out today with LUA. But running into a brick wall here while trying to make some sence of it. I have not worked with this kind of advanced scripting before. Hoping to get some basic commands done which would help my handmade maps greatly.


    You are right. I have spend like 5 hours yesterday on handmade heroes. And another 4 hours today. Today mostly figuring out how to make them visible again. If you ask me, writing down all the numbers is a bit of a pain. But i think i can do it in about 2/3 hours. Now that ive got some experience with it on a medium sized map. Of which a good amount of my time is spend unnecessarily if you could import them. In some way from within the game.



    Is there a way to pull up the custom leaders that have been made in game and saved into the editor?




    Not sure what u are trying to ask here. Might be my poor english skills. You could not pull up the heroes like in the game. You have to get out of the editor and start up the map ingame. to see what they look like.

    (Heroes created in the game can be manually copied to the editor by writing the numbers of each feature and put them into the editor. You could give them names, custumized items, change their stats/perks. When you are done with them and start up the game and play the map you created. They are visible on a pop up screen and in tactical battles. It is very time consuming proces but very awarding work to see them in the game after tweaking them in the editor and custumise them in the game.)



    SUPER! editor looks great! people are now employed by the game, but then the editor will be a very important part of the game. I think steep editor allows the game to be popular for much longer. You did a very beautiful game. Thank you guys.
    For me, as a lover of the multiplayer, game balance and the map editor are the most important things.



    Hi people,

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂
    Some answers to things that popped up in this thread so far:

    * Making custom heroes: Best way is to go to the hero library (button is on the heroes tab) and clone an existing hero of the same class/race you want, then rename/change whatever you want to change. If they are atill invisible in tactical battles then, I have no idea and it’s a new issue that I haven’t seen before and we’ll look into it.

    * Varwulf: we do have water based teleporters 🙂 In fact, all cave entrances/exits are secretly teleporters, so if you place two water caves and link them together you’ll have a water-based teleporter.

    * sheepfly: that would be useful indeed. How we did such things when we needed it was screenshot the settings after creating them ingame and then in the editor choose the same settings.

    * rohirrimcat: scripting is not really possible without our script commands I imagine. You need to call specific custom made functions.
    For example
    HexWorld:GetScriptingS():PlayerSendMessage(“MESSAGENAME”, “PLAYERALIAS”)
    will send a message when the script is triggered, for example on an area trigger OnEnter (like I showed in the video).
    Messages can be made in the story tab (third tab at the top left part of the editor). (Do note: when you use an area trigger like that make sure it is set to cancel movement = true, otherwise you might get problems with events happening at the same time). This is a really small example, I hope to be able to get the scripting stuff out to you guys soon ^^

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