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Dev Journal: Heroic Quests and Epic Loot

Hello, my name is Brian Cox, and I’m a gameplay programmer at Triumph. This post is a continuation of last week’s journal, where Arnout discussed Independent Towns and the new Monster Dwellings. This week we take a look at the quest system and how these dwellings spawn quests during the game.


questoffered-tornAlthough you can get quests from various sources, the best place to get quests is through interacting with independent dwellings. Quests can give you a tactical advantage because they offer valuable rewards to make your leader and heroes more powerful.

Quests also contribute to the rich lore and story of the game. Each race has its own style and reason to send you on a quest. The purpose of quests is to motivate the player to explore the map and build up and maintain alignments to achieve victory as an alternative to conquering the world by force.

Upon meeting a dwelling they generate quests for the player which are random, so the gameplay experience is different each time you play a map.

Different types and rewards

krakenquest-tornThere are various types of quests, for example:

  • Capture a city controlled by a rival player
  • Raze a heavily guarded fortress.
  • Clear a dragon’s graveyard to recover an epic treasure.
  • Slay unclean infidels who are terrorizing the lands.

Don’t worry, quests don’t require you to collect apples…

When a quest is completed you are rewarded with a combination of resources, units, heroes, items, increased reputation or even a city! The reward of a quest is based on its difficulty.

Each dwelling has its own set of rewards from which the rewards are randomly chosen, completing quests for a dragon dwelling can give you a dragon to fight by your side while dwarven dwellings can give you strong dwarven crafted weaponry.

Upon completing the quest you also have the possibility to turn the rewards into gold.


Quests are generated from groups of settings called QuestGenerators. These generators define things like the type of quests to be generated, distance the player must travel, and type of structure to target. It also allows designers to define exceptions to ensure that a Dragon dwelling never asks a player to destroy a draconian city.

Each dwelling has its own unique quest style which changes based on your reputation with them, a goblin with a nasty scar on its face once told me that if they really hate you they might want you to kill a unit of your own army to prove your loyalty to them!

Quest Customization and Modding support

leveledquest-tornSome more good news: Level editors can create their own quests and even quest chains containing multiple quests! It is possible to create fully custom quests specific to a certain map, so you are able to create your own story and allow other players to have an epic experience you created.

If you want to create a highly competitive multiplayer map you can give all players the same quest objective, and make the first one to complete it with the game by applying a script to the quest. Each player needs to make the decision if they want to attack each other or try and complete the main objective.

If you ever quested and thought to yourself “I can make much cooler quests than the developers of this game”, here’s your chance to prove it! 🙂