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Patch V1.705 in Open Beta

Hi everyone,

Between work on our super-secret-project and after recuperating from a visit to GamesCom in Cologne, the team here got stuck in to tackle some AoW3 bugs. This has resulted in a patch – v1.705 – which is available as an open beta on Steam now!Steam_2016-08-24_15-57-11

We’d love it if you’d give the new patch a go and let us know is you run into any trouble. If you are a Linux or Mac uses, please consider giving the beta a go. There’s not many of you playing AoW3 and we’d like to make sure it runs smoothly on your systems too. The same holds for mod makers, please try and bend the tools to see if they’ll break.

To get access to the open beta:

  1. Right Click ‘Age of Wonders 3’ in your Steam Library and select ‘Properties’ from the menu that appears.
  2. Select the ‘BETAS’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window.
  3. Set the combobox to ‘open_beta’.
  4. Close the ‘Properties’ window.
  5. Start the game to force an update.

Or watch the start of this video.

Of course, be aware! It’s a beta, so things might crash or malfunction. This can cause you to lose progress or wreck save games, so only switch to the beta if you are willing to take that risk ; )>

Also note that if you are playing online multiplayer or PBEM matches everyone in the match needs to move into the beta branch if you do. I suggest switching back – opting out of beta – when playing PBEM games, unless everyone agrees on moving into the beta.

v1.705 Patch Notes are:

  • PBEM players now get an email notification and reminder when a match is about to expire due to inactivity. The expiration period has been extended by three weeks, to give two weeks of response time before the reminder email is send and another week after that before the match actually expires.
  • Added support for additional workshop tags to PackageManager.
  • Added a new unit property that can be used to change the strength of resistance checks. See: AoW Unit Property: Resist Strength Modifier.
  • AI no longer tries to dispel meditate, so it has casting points and mana left for more useful things.
  • Bone yards will now tell knight level AI player to ‘git gud’ after failing to defeat their spawned units or defenders.
  • Nymphs should no longer show up in rewards from Spring of Life locations.
  • One of the classes had a double frost protection hero upgrade, which was removed.
  • The Magical Structures Skill no longer gives the – unintended – Arcane Study bonus.
  • Frostling Scoundrels now have Projectile Resistance on Bronze, like the other Scoundrels.
  • Fixed a graphics glitch for one of the human male hairdos.
  • Fixed a geometry gap in the city walls of arctic city battles.
  • All of the ‘AoW City Operation’ now correctly check their required properties, which should resolve issues of modders running into this issue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented modders from editing XP pickups without causing instability.
  • Fixed various crashes caused by removing mods which add new banner colours and icons.
  • Fixed a crash caused when modders added starting properties to city cores.
  • The game now shows a map can’t be played due to missing content – either DLC or Mod content – instead of only doing so when loading a save game.
  • Fixed a crash when disabling a mod which provided new hero bodies.
  • Fixed crash when city was being razed while at the same time a player had a ‘Independent Can Discuss: …’ event.
  • Fixed ironman exploit where a player could exit TC without triggering an ironman notification.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on empty specialization icon in diplomacy interface.
  • Fixed issue where master specialization would not be correctly removed when removing adapt.
  • Fixed a couple of rare crash when loading a save game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to zoom in during combat while the user was moving the camera, was supposed to be when the user WASN’T moving the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where Users could glitch the leader editor by selecting creation master, then changing to necromancer and back again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a rift in space-time that had a small chance of releasing shadow demons back into the world.
  • Fixed an issue where skills given by libraries didn’t trigger the All Knowing empire quest. Library rewards will still not trigger the Sage empire quest.
  • Fixed a bug in online multiplayer games where players would sometimes not start on the map layer that they had selected in the leader customization menu.
  • Fixed a bug in RMG where choosing ‘Random’ advanced setting for ‘Resource Sites’ (as well as other options with ‘Random’) would be a random value per player instead of the same random value for all players. Which meant that some players could start without any resource sites, while others start with many resource sites.
  • Choosing ‘None’ roads in RMG does not remove bridges from lava hexes anymore, because it made the map too hard to traverse.
  • Tweaked Audio settings for sound effects reported to be too loud.
  • Made dire penguins even more dire. Oh dear.
  • Removed duplicate entries from the tome of wonders for the Fire Cannon and Movement Upgrade abilities.
  • Fixed and clarified English loading screen text.
  • Fixed French typo in Cannon description.
  • Fixed German Dark Pact Ability & Spell description.
  • The Polearm ability description now – correctly – states it give a +4 damage bonus. It used to say +5 which was incorrect.
  • Fixed an interface issues where properties would display ‘Unknown Property Source!’ when it could not find the source of the property. Instead of displaying the property’s screen name.
  • Map Editor now streams content, cutting memory use considerably.
  • Fixed an issue with PBEM Ironman mode warnings.
  • When a unit has been resurrected during tactical combat, it will no longer give XP or casting points (via Essence Harvest) for the rest of that battle.
  • Fixed a rare bug in Package Manager where it would not correct detect previously publish workshop item.
  • Fixed an PBEM Ironman exploit where replacing delete/replacing save games, would in some cases not trigger an Ironman Notification.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer with the Production Resource Pickup. Which allowed a player to select both city upgrades if the game was continued from a save game.
  • Mod Editor now only loads low-resolution textures, cutting memory use considerably.
  • Fixed an issue on certain Linux distributions where the checkboxes were not visible in the User Content tab of the Launcher.
  • Mod Editor now only loads low-resolution textures, cutting memory use considerably.
  • Fixed an issue on certain Linux distributions where the checkboxes were not visible in the User Content tab of the Launcher.
  • Linked the correct bird for the Halfling Eagle Rider.
  • Resolved an exploit in Diplomatic AI.
  • Increased the PBEM save game size limit.
  • Fixed a typo in the English Warp Domain description.
  • Updated to Poison Domain description to include which units are not valid targets for the spell’s effect.
  • Updated the Ancient Ruins description to correctly indicate the reward for clearing this structure.
  • Fixed the dragon animation so they correctly spawn particles when using the fire spit ability.

If you’ve switched into beta please post to let us know. And if you run into any issues while playing the beta, please let us know so we can have a look.

We hope to make this patch public as soon as we are sure it has survived some thrashing by the community, so do your worst : D>

Patch v1.704 Released

Hi everyone,

With more and more mods becoming available – thanks modders! – we’ve had some mod support related bug reports. Patch v1.704 aims to solve these and some other issues reported by the community. This patch is available on Steam now and will be available on GoG shortly.


Here are the v1.704 patch notes:

  • Fixed a graphics issue with the Archon Caster unit by removing one of the two heads.
  • AIs forming an alliance against a player can no longer go from alliance to war with that player in a single turn.
  • Fixed a crash caused by having a city that had no size set in the level editor.
  • Fixed an issue where Nymphs would still be given as rewards from Springs Of Life.
  • Fixed an issue where modding in new terrain would cause a crash in the RMG.
  • Fixed an issue in the modding tools when editing a newly added resoucre that was in the same slot as a new resource from a linked mod or patch.
  • The package manager will no longer include .~acp files in archives when exporting or uploading to steam.
  • The warlord hero no longer gets a second frost protection upgrade at level 7.

Good luck, have fun & keep the mods coming : )>

Patch v1.703 Released

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce the v1.703 patch has been released. This patch aims to resolve a bunch of issues reported since the release of modding, in particular some exploits found in PBEM.

PBEM_DownloadHere are the patch notes:

  • Fixed some options in the launcher where polish and french translations were swapped
  • Hasty Plunder now takes 2 turns to destroy a city, not 1
  • Quick Dash now heals 15hp (was 10)
  • Arch Druids now get Nourishing Meal at level 3 (was Healing at level 3)
  • Arch Druid now gets Healing at level 9 (was 3)
  • Archdruid now gets Befriend Animal at level 3 (was 5), cost is 3 points (was 2)
  • Arch Druids now get Spirit Of The Land and Natural Immunity at level 1 (was 5)
  • Arch Druids now get Nature’s Resistance for 3 points (was 4)
  • Theocrat’s Healing Aura now costs 3 points (was 4)
  • Theocrats now get Bestow Iron Heart at level 1 (was Healing)
  • Theocrat now gets Healing at level 7 (was 1)
  • Theocrats now get Chaplain at level 1 (was 3) cost is 3 points (was 4)
  • Theocrats now get Convert at level 7 (was 5)
  • Theocrats no longer have Control Undead at level 7
  • Heal Undead is now strength 25 (was 20) and once per battle (was 2 turn cooldown)
  • Necromancers now get Reanimate Lesser Undead for 4 points (was 7)
  • Necromancers now get Reanimate Greater Undead for 6 points (was 10) at level 7 (was 11)
  • Necromancers now get Control Undead at level 5 (was 3)
  • Dreadnaughts now get Guardian Flame at level 3 instead of Bestow Iron Heart at level 3
  • Dreadnoughts now get Bomb Squad for 5 points (was 10)
  • Dreadnought Heroes now get “Emergency Repair” instead of repair machine, a once per battle heal that fixes 25 damage.
  • Engineers now get “Emergency Repair” instead of repair machine at gold medal, a once per battle heal that fixes 25 damage.
  • Nymphs will no longer be given as rewards for clearing the Spring Of Life, Creation Node or Great Farm
  • Added the Dire Monkey to Summon Wild Animal and Call Beast Horde
  • Added the Dire Monkey as a defender/reward for Great Farms
  • Rogue heroes now start with +2 defense (was +1)
  • The Rogue hero’s +1 physical damage bonus for ranged attacks, now gives +1 on another channel for non-physical attacks
  • Rogue Blowpipe now shoots Acid Darts as well as Normal Darts
  • Acid Darts is now 3 blight, 4 fire (was 4/3)
  • Rogues now get Inflict Crippling wounds at level 1 (was 9) for 3 points (was 5)
  • Rogues now get Charm at level 5 (was 9)
  • Rogues now get Shadow Step at level 9, 5 points
  • Rogues now get Invisibility at level 7 for 4 points (this only affects the hero, not their stack)
  • Harmonizing Energy now heals everything (previously didn’t affect machines or undead)
  • Invigorate now has a 2 turn cooldown
  • Were Bear ability now requires 3 action points to be used, but leaves the user with one action point afterwards (like Phase)
  • War Cry now lets units do more damage to obstacles as well as units
  • Fixed an issue with birds disappearing in deep water
  • Settlers now cost 250g (was 200)
  • Unit abilities that do no damage now only grant XP to their user once per battle
  • Reduced number of times tier 2,3 and 4 units can be attacked and still grant XP (XP for kills is unaffected by this)
  • Fixed an issue with the launcher in Steam, where sometimes the list of User Content wouldn’t properly appear
  • Nightwish is now Tier 4 (was 5) 400 knowledge (was 700), casting cost is 60 (was 100), maintain cost is 5 (was 20)
  • Reassemble is now Tier 4 (was 3), 450 knowledge (was 180), Hero Upgrade is available from level 7 (was 5)
  • Heptatopia now counts Towns, not cities of any size
  • Fixed a bug that meant sometimes the Empire Quest system wouldn’t recognize that you had a metropolis
  • Bards now have 41 hp (was 46), recieve Inspiring Aura on Gold Medal (was High Morale)
  • Charm is now Short Range (was touch)
  • Victory Rush now heals 10hp after battle (was 12)
  • Freezing Touch, Frost Aura, Inflict Frozen Paralysis, Inflict Frostbite and Inflict Chilling now affect machines and boats
  • The modding tools now create a backup of an ACP file before saving it to help prevent data loss. The backup will have the extension .~acp

Good luck, have fun & happy modding : D>

Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Adding Units, Abilities & Cosmic Happenings

Hi everyone,

Good news from the modding front. Tests are going well and our mod guide has grown to a whopping 22.5k words, or 86 pages. To show you what we’ve been up to, here are some examples from our test mods. All these should become available as soon as we officially launch mod support.

Example 1: Sun Burst Cosmic Event

Let’s start with a simple Mod.  Say you don’t like the Dark Sun Cosmic event reducing the Vision range by -2.  With this simple mod we’ve changed – i.e. replaced – the Dark Sun Cosmic Event to Sun Burst which increases the vision range for all player by +2 while it is active. No more early game exploration expeditions ruined or surprise brigand attacks. Functionally this mod is a simple as tweaking a variable, but if you want do it well can you add a new icon and a bit of lore.


Example 2: Goblin Ninja Unit

Here example of a basic unit mod.  Say you are a fan of martial arts and like goblins. Time to replace the Goblin Marauder into a Ninja Goblin! We’ve attached two Draconians swords – using some scaling and offsets – added the Marial Arts, Urban Concealment, Coupe de Grace, and Projectile Avoidance abilities and … voila a new cool looking Ninja Goblin.


Example 3: Nekro Ghost Rider Unit & Hope Crusher Ability

Now let’s take this a bit further. For this new undead unit we actually created new abilities. Phase Charge allows the Ghost Knight to phase and move at the same time with full move points.


And Hope Crusher, which attempts to inverts positive morale to low morale on each strike. Failing to resist applies a -500 morale penalty to any target the unit hits. The ability and unit creation systems are the same as used by the designers at Triumph. As for looks we’ve attached a Lost Soul body to a Nightmare mount, gave him the Deathbringer’s sword, and add ghostly particles, red eyes and we’ve added a new icon. Of course it’s your job as a Modder to ensure things stay balanced so people will actually use your mod.


Example 4: Halfling Plougher Unit

We’ve taken the Halfling Farmer, placed it on the Settler”s Ox to make the Halfling Plougher. Try to dodge its ponderous charge and shudder in fear for the trod-by mad chicken throwing attack ; )>


Next to testing mods and writing guides we’ve also added some nice nifty features for all you aspiring AoW3 modders out there. More on those in future posts!

Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Update

Hi everybody,

Since last week’s announcement we’ve been testing the mod tools to see what they can do. We’ve also been working on a guide which talks you through some of the basics of modding AoW3. In this update I’ll show you one of the ‘case studies’ from that guide to give you an idea of how you mod things in AoW3.

Adding Obsidian Dragons to the Dragon Dwelling.

We hear some of you like dragons and want some more dragons to play with. Well, this is how you can mod that into the game.

The pack manager. Note the new 'Launch Mod Editor' option : )>

A screenshot of the pack manager. Note the new ‘Launch Mod Editor’ option : )>

All the dragons have a city upgrade, called a Lair, which unlocks the dragon in the dwelling. To build this upgrade you first need another upgrade (a Burrow), which unlocks the wyvern that matches the dragon’s type.

So first you fire up the modding tools and open up the file with city upgrades. Then you add the new ‘Black Burrow’ and ‘Black Lair’ city upgrades, link up name and description text, set cost, link the icons, etc. You also create and link two new city properties ‘Has Black Burrow’ and ‘Has Black Lair’ to the new upgrades. In our ‘Black Lair’ you set ‘Has Black Burrow’ as the ‘Required City Property’ to create an unlock chain. This is a method we use all over the place, so you’ll find yourself setting required or forbidden properties for spells, skill, abilities, etc. Finally we tell the dwelling that it has two new upgrades, by adding the two entries to the city upgrade list for the ‘Dragon – Dwelling Race Definition’.

Screenshot of the modder version of our resource editor. In this screenshot you see newly added content highlighted red, to clearly show it's modded content.

One of the mod tools. Modded content is highlighted in red.

Now it’s time to mod the dragons and wyvern themselves. So you open the files containing the units, select the units and hit the ‘modify’ button. This tells the mod tools you want to change an existing unit. Then you set the ‘Required City Property’ for the ‘Obsidian Dragon’ to ‘Has Black Lair’ and for the ‘Obsidian Wyvern’ you set it to ‘Has Black Burrow’. Then you find and modify the ‘Dwelling Unit Link Data’ setting – which is the list which tells the dwelling which units it can make – and add both the Obsidian Dragon and Wyvern.

And presto, mod done! The Dragon Dwelling can now produce the Obsidian Dragon and Wyvern if you build the Black Lair and Black Burrow.

The mod in action!

The mod in action!

Next to all the testing and typing we’ve been keeping an eye on the forum – both here and elsewhere – to see what you all thought about modding. It’s been great to see all the ideas that are going around for mods and even better to see people already teaming up to make mods.

We’ve also seen what people would want to do and – as a result of that – we are looking if we can extend mod support to make it even more powerful. More about that soon!

Age of Wonders III Modding Support – Coming Soon

Hi everybody,

Have you ever wondered how AoW3 would be if it just had this awesome unit, or that epic spell? Well, it’s time to put on your creative hat and find out!

We’re happy to announce modding support for AoW3 is in the works! We plan to release modding support as part of our next patch, so the wait shouldn’t be too long. We are still busy adding features, hunting bugs and polishing it all up for you. But overall things are shaping up nicely and we’re excited to see what kinds of creative and crazy things you guys and girls will come up with.

Example of a Modded Unit

Example of a unit created by mix-and-matching parts from the large existing game asset library.What you see here is a cadaver wielding necromancer’s scythe riding a nightmare horse.

You’ll be able to overhaul game balance, add new specializations or even a brand new units! These mods can then be shared with the global player base, via Steam Workshop or the mod site of your preference. You won’t be able to do all-the-things – e.g. change core gameplay, models or textures – but if its something our designers can do it, you’ll can do it too. Mods can be enabled and disabled in the launcher – so you can pick and choose which you’ll use – and can even be used in multiplayer.

We’ll tell you all more about the features and limitations in upcoming updates, so stay tuned!

Combat Survey

Hi everyone,

It’s time for our biweekly survey, this time it’s all about combat.
However, before we get round to that, I have a promise to fulfill. There were some issues with how the results of our survey on random maps were displayed. So – as promised – here are the results of that survey in all their pie & bar chart glory:

For the combat survey, there are a few things I’d like to elaborate on before we get around to the questions.

The adjacent hexagon rule – AHR for sort – is the mechanic where units on the hexagons adjacent to the one being attacked all get drawn into the same combat. And – when in combat – those units start in the same relative positions they had on the world map. This system has been a staple of AoW since the beginning and allows us to several nifty things. However, there are also some downsides to the AHR. For example: players need to move large armies in clusters of three stacks, and in the largest battles one player will always have 4 stacks against than the other player’s 3.

So we’ve been discussing the pro’s and con’s of removing the AHR for one of the projects we’re working on. We’d have to to change a bunch of other things, like: have more units in a stack to keep battles big and interesting, change how units are positioned when entering battle, etc. Also, having a battle with more than two players becomes an issue. But it would allow us to make domain matter more, make moving big armies easier, change the shape of combat maps to make them more interesting, etc.

So what do you think? Do you want to keep the trusty old AHR, or are you ready for something new and different?

adjecent hex rule image

Another subject we’ve been discussing is having a deployment phase. So instead of units being placed on the map on fixed locations in some arbitrary fashion, you’d get to place your units anywhere within a specific region on the map. The biggest advantage here is that it gives the player full control to set up for battle. E.g. put a meat shield in front of you glass cannons, set up your fast units for a flank. The biggest disadvantage is that a deployment phase slows down battles even further and it breaks the flow of battle. E.g. your opponent takes so much time to set up for battle that you are tempted to break to brew a fresh pot of tea.

So what do you think? Would you like a deployment phase, or do you prefer getting straight into the action?

The last thing we want your opinion on is bigger battles involving more units. Every now and again there’s a discussion about the number of slots in a stack. In AoW3 we went from eight units to six, reducing the maximum number of units in a battle from 56 to 42. Opinions about this were divided. Some found that – with the changes we made to combat – six unit stacks in AoW3 were just fine. Some found less units equaled less fun and asked for eight units per stack, or even ten or twelve. Others found six unit stacks a blessing, because there was less units to keep track of and more battles to be had.

So what do you think? Is bigger better, or do you prefer short pitched battles?

To let us know what you think, please tell us if you agree with the following statements:

[wpsqt name=”Tactical Combat Survey” type=”survey”]

Feel free to discuss below & have a great weekend : D>

Random Map Survey

Hi everyone,

Random Map SetupToday’s survey topic is all about how you play the game. AoW3 is a game with a lot of modes and options, allowing you to customize the way you play. We want to know how you like to play AoW3, so we know where to put the focus when working on new titles. Given that random maps are by far the most popular, all questions below concern games on random maps.

[wpsqt name=”Random Maps Survey” type=”survey”]

In AoW3 many people experience a sweet spot for how many armies and cities they have. If you are just clicking end-turn there’s too few. If you are just mashing ‘m’ and most cities are on Produce Merchandize, there’s too many.
Note that with armies I mean stacks of units that are active on the map, so that excludes units left to defend cities or scouts set to guard out on the map. For cities I mean cities that you yourself control, so that excludes vassals.

Races Survey and Terraria Wonders

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last survey. Both the survey results, and discussion about the statements was very insightful.

We hope you’ll participate in this new survey, which focuses on playable races. We’d love to know what you think!

Before we get to the results, first something completely different. TriumphNet_Icon_LargeOur dutch game industry buddies Engine Software, responsible for the ports and expansions of indie mega hit Terraria, have snuck in an Age of Wonders item set based on the Horned God. See it here in all its pixelated glory.

[wpsqt name=”Races Survey” type=”survey”]

Feel free to discuss below & have a great weekend : D>

Class & Race Survey

Hi everyone,

A big thanks to everyone who responded to the to our last survey. With over 500 of you taking the time to give us your opinions, we now have a good idea of what you all enjoy about AoW3 and what areas we should give some love in future.

Survey Results overview graph
Average scores per category. Higher scores are more people agreeing with the statement.

With this information, we’d now like to dig a bit deeper. Today’s survey is about what you think about Classes, Races and how these tie into the rest of the game.

Please tell us if you agree with the following statements:

[wpsqt name=”servey 02″ type=”survey”]