Dev Journal: Tactical Combat Bonanza

February 22, 2014 -

This week we’re going to have an in-depth look into the Age of Wonders III tactical combat mechanics. Tactical combat is one of the most important parts of the game, and we’ve worked very hard to refine the rules to make it more exciting and tactical. Our main goal was to make combat faster, and
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Dev Journal: Conquering Infinite Worlds in the RMG

February 2, 2014 -

Among all the beta madness, we found some time to prepare a new development journal. One of the things we’re tweaking in this beta phase is the Random Map Generator (RMG).  In this journal, programmer Lascha Lagidse will tell you how the RMG is constructed and what considerations have been made. The Quick Start Settings
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Dev Journal: Creating magical sounds with The Audio Guys

November 21, 2013 -

After having done a fantastic job at our Overlord titles, we’re happy to announce our friends at UK-based The Audio Guys are teaming up with us again to make the sounds for Age of Wonders III. The videos you’ve seen in the past used mostly placeholder sounds. Although some legacy sounds will remain, a lot of work
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Dev Journal: Exploring Wonders of the Third Age

October 4, 2013 -

Hi everyone, welcome to another development journal for Age of Wonders III! My name is Arnout Sas and this time I will tell you something about the wondrous structures that can be found in our game world. In Age of Wonders III there are many mythical locations for your empire to explore and exploit! We’re not
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Dev Journal: The Anatomy of a Hero

September 19, 2013 -

In this first journal about Leader and Hero classes we start out by discussing the creation of the leader and hero customizer and assets in Age of Wonders III. My name is Nils Ruisch and I’m a 3D character artist. I was tasked to co-design and create the hero assets for Age of Wonders 3.
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Dev Journal: About Dragons

September 4, 2013 -

Welcome to a new dev journal this time focusing on the race of Dragons and their offspring the Wyverns. We have a bit of Lore from Ray, some concept art, a look at the Dragon’s Peak monster dragon followed by a look at some of the individual units!  Dragon Origins Background: The Scripture tells of
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Dev Journal: Adventure Sets

August 1, 2013 -

Time for another development journal! This one will focus on Adventure Sets. Adventure Sets are used to regulate the type of ‘adventure’ the different kinds of structures offer. In this journal we’ll go into the technical framework behind the systems and show a little of how they function. Modders take note: you can create adventure
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Dev Journal: Unit Types and the Character Sheet

July 25, 2013 -

Welcome to a new development journal! This time we shall tell you a bit about the basic characteristics of units and how this information is presented in the unit panel. Clear representation might not be the most thrilling of subjects to read about, but it is highly important: you want to be able to see
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Dev Journal: Heroic Quests and Epic Loot

July 18, 2013 -

Hello, my name is Brian Cox, and I’m a gameplay programmer at Triumph. This post is a continuation of last week’s journal, where Arnout discussed Independent Towns and the new Monster Dwellings. This week we take a look at the quest system and how these dwellings spawn quests during the game. Quests Although you can
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Dev Journal: Monster Dwellings and Independent Settlements

July 11, 2013 -

Welcome back to a new dev journal, in which I’ll discuss Independent towns and monster dwellings. In next week’s journal, programmer Brian will be explaining the related Quest System, previewing its features and possibilities. – Arnout Sas, designer Triumph Studios In Age of Wonders III we have vastly improved the logic and behavior of independent
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