Dev Journal: New Race Upgrade System

[Update 3 March ’15] : Race Command has been extended to be part of a bigger system and renamed to Race Governance. It will be part of the upcoming expansion and not released with a free patch.

Happy New Year!  Today we resume our Dev Journals,  this time it is one of the new mechanics for the upcoming expansion: Race Command.

Race Command will unlock race specific bonuses as you spend more time with cities of that race in your empire. Those bonuses fit the overall race theme, thereby strengthening race diversification. Each race has five levels of race command upgrades, which come in two flavors for a total of ten bonuses per race. At each level you get to choice between the two mutually exclusive perks: which are either Empire or Military upgrades. The top level race command upgrades are designed to be ultimates and will likely have a big effect on the end-game

racelistNew race overview panel in the diplomacy interface.  Note you can now see the % each race takes up along with happiness and an XP bar per race. While we were at it, we also revised to top part of the leader info in the diplomacy screen, listing all a leader’s class picks with ToW shortcuts.


Some examples of the upgrades you can get are:

  • Lvl 1 Halfling Empire: Store Houses are 35 gold cheaper to build
  • Lvl 1 Dwarf Military: All Dwarf Crossbowmen units now have an additional +2 range damage
  • Lvl 3 Human Empire: Builders, Roads, watchtowers and forts cost 60% less to build.
  • Lvl 3 Dwarf Military: All First Born get the Ancient Ancestor ability (+300 morale to adjacent dwarven units) and +2 Fire Melee Damage
  • Lvl 5 Goblin Empire: All Goblin Cities generate an additional +1 gold for every Wetland Hex in their domain.
  • Lvl 5 Draconian Military: All Draconian Infantry, Irregulars and Pikemen get fire weapons and deal an additional +3 fire damage

So, how do you get a race command upgrade? Well, each turn you gain race command xp for each city you own of a particular race. The bigger the city, the more xp you gain. The xp you get from cities is multiplied by a modifier determined by how much a race likes you. Yes, that’s linked to the upcoming Race Happiness feature. I’ll be telling you more about that in a future dev journal. The xp for each race is added each turn and when you hit the amount required for the next race command level you get an upgrade.


The Race Upgrade list. You’ll be notified via an event similar to Hero Upgrades.


As for impact on game play, if you focus on a single race you will likely get an upgrade every twenty turns. Which means race command skills will spice up multiplayer. When you spread attention across several races, it will take a pretty epic singleplayer game to max out race command for all races on the map.

We’ve are still testing and balancing race command based on feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments below.


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    I like this allot. But I hoped the choices was more than just some stats. I was also hoping that the good/evil alignment would affect the perks.

    I was thinking more like this:

    If you are good and reach the right Elf reputation:<br>
    You embrace the wood elf heritage and unlock the ranger unit, which is an elf unit equipped with longbow and is different from the regular archer since it is tier 2, irregular, have a bit more health, forest concealment, more movement points and do 2 more close combat and range damage and cost more.

    If you are neutral and reach the same Elf reputation level:<br>
    You unlock the High Guard, tier 2, armored Infantry equipped with twin blades and bows. Think lord of the rings elf warriors. Stronger in attack than the regular swordsmen, with bow but without shield, mind control immune.

    If you are evil and get same elf reputation level.<br>
    You embrace the dark elf heritage and can now train blade dancers, a strong, tier 2, fast melee unit that got killing momentum, do some lightening damage as well and can dodge incoming attacks much like halflings but not based on morale.

    It would be much more fun to unlock 1 or 2 units for each race or like chose between elfs hidden city or letting the Storm sisters gain call chain lightening on gold, not just getting stats here and there. I find the choices of Civ Beyond Earth utterly boring. They are just stats and to small to affect the big picture and most important I don´t see or feel they affect the gameplay. I wan´t each AoW game to be feeling different depending on what road I choose.

    I read the OP and was quite excited but upon reading your post, I think this is an even better idea, and preferable to what is being contemplated. I very much like playing “racial elitists” or single race missions, so investing more in focusing on a single race (or just a few) would be an awesome way to make it a compelling alternative to drawing from all races.



    Also, Gyor’s idea is pretty stellar as well. The only thing I would say is that I hope that an overall sense of balance between the races will be maintained with the addition of such features, even if it involves specific builds to maintain parity of a sort.



    I just posted this in another thread, but did anyone else notice the level 4 draconian empire upgrade has a monster’s face?

    Racial t4s anyone?



    I have a question about race command actually. Will the titles differ with each race or will it always be ‘Patron, Protector and so forth’?

    Cause I think it would be interesting and feel unique to have different names for each promotion according to the race involved.



    I have a question about race command actually. Will the titles differ with each race or will it always be ‘Patron, Protector and so forth’?

    Cause I think it would be interesting and feel unique to have different names for each promotion according to the race involved.

    That’s pretty much what I recommended a few hours ago. Interested parties can have a look here:


    @gorgoh: I can’t say I disagree with your recommendations, and the general remarks others have made in this thread about the Racial Command / Governance level names. Assuming not much will change in the next release (too much work etc.) perhaps at least the NAMES of the levels can be changed.

    Since were talking about GOVERNANCE -> use these level names / or honorary titles?

    I. Friend / Baron
    II. Patron / Earl
    III. Paragon / Prince
    IV. Demigod / King
    V. Deity / Emperor

    Or, since this can be seen as a level of REVERENCE indeed -> could thus be named as such?

    I. Respected
    II. Honored
    III. Admired
    IV. Idolized
    V. Worshipped

    Note the intended synergy between the two.



    Triumph team did an awesome job with everything they done so far, the upcoming patches and extansion features sound awesome.
    But by far, my favorites features to come are the races ones.
    2 new races
    New skills/passive/units for races (Warcry, Defensive Strike, Butcher etc.)
    And Racial Governance OMG GOBLIN GOLD, Ill flood the map into swamps and get billion of golds 😀
    Then ill bribe some dragon so he can safeguard my golds. And my big blue stone. Yay, I find a big blue stone. Is mine. Is precious.
    Goblins peaceful, leave alone. Or we feed you to butcher.

    p.s: If Race Command and/or Race Governance are still place holder, I would make a suggestion for Race Affinity.



    Can you please link a complete list of all racial gov upgrades again pelease?




    Oh, you already updated it on wiki! Great, many thanks. Also, a marvelous wiki I can say, keep it up! 🙂

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