Development Update and Return of Journals

Hi guys, just a quick post that we’re making great progress on lots of new Age of Wonders goodies for you.  The upcoming update should include Steam Workshop support and Cloud Saves. This should make it easier for you to exchange user made scenarios and manage save games across multiple computers.

The tech team is working hard on porting the game to Mac (and likely: Linux).  Already did most of the graphical side of things; the release will likely coincide with an expansion.

Then we’ve got lots new features and content in the works.  The first new race (one with –ling in the name) is nearly complete with others in development. New races are a lot of work: core units, class unit variants, leader and hero assets, City and TC graphics, new abilities, balance, etc). We also have an exotic new dwelling, new monsters, music, classes and a new campaign in the works.  We’re also testing some exciting new mechanics that include new victory conditions and a new type of quest.

Stay tuned, as the Development Journals will return in the near future!


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    frostlings are baaaack!!!! yay!



    right now my biggest wishes (aside from new content) are mod support and a much improved AI. glad to read there s lots of stuff going on – but a bit worried AI and mods werent mentioned. hopefully steam workshop isnt just for mapsharing but also a first step on the road to proper modding.

    cant wait for more development journals.



    Awesome! I really like reading developer journals xD



    Clearly, it’s time for the debut of the dreaded Kharaghlings! For centuries, they’ve been driving the mostly less-intelligent members of the species with gigantism to the surface, but now increased volcanism in the lower crust where they’ve traditionally dwelled has forced this race of of hyper-fast supergeniuses (their ‘dumb rejects’ are quantum physicists, after all, just ask Meandor) to the surface!

    Seriously, though,

    I say the frostlings are more likely since the arctic terrain is going mostly unused atm without them

    I keep seeing this idea come up, but dwarfs and elves both like arctic terrain as much as any climate is liked (which is to say, they have no penalty. NO race gets a ‘liked’ bonus from a climate). I think at this stage it is probably more likely to be the frostlings than the halflings for both story AND mechanical reasons, but arctic terrain is currently favoured by two races, which in climate terms puts it on par with everything except temperate (which all current races dwell in without penalties) and blighted (which only goblins favour).



    Relax everyone. Its Zerglings.

    Seenitall Stormwind



    Sounds awesome!, any other hints, new specializations? helmets and hoods? 🙂



    Because they stated early on that Halflings wouldn’t be in the game because they don’t fit with the current lore.

    It’s the same world and they were quite present in AoW2, so unless people forgot to mention some global genocide they gotta be around somewhere.

    However, my money is definitly on Frostlings seeing as

    1. They could blend and incorporate the “spirit” of both races

    >> 2. There is no arctic preference race yet. <<

    That preview sounds just great, more more more !

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    Wonderful news guys, and good to see the (frost)lings are back! 🙂



    >> 2. There is no arctic preference race yet. <<

    There is no race that likes Temperate. There is no race that likes Tropical. There is no race that likes Volcanic or Blighted or Underground.

    Climates are never something a race likes. You can make cities like a climate using the right enchantment, but no race naturally receives the ‘like’ bonus from any climate – just dislike and hate penalties. The best you can get with climate without magic is not having any modifiers – positive or negative – for instance, goblins have a preference for blight only in the sense that they’re the only race that doesn’t have happiness penalties for blighted terrain.

    We already have two races that have this best possible status for arctic terrain – High Elves and Dwarfs. So there are in fact two arctic preference races already.

    As stated before, there are other reasons to expect Frostlings to be the ones – because they’ve already been referred to in the campaign (Halflings haven’t yet), and because they can be expected to be a cold-focused race when presently there are few sources of cold damage in the game. However, there is no lack of an ‘arctic focused’ race, any more than there is a lack of a tropical-focused, temperate-focused, or any other climate-focused race.



    Ummm, Humans like Temperate ? And Goblins like Blighted Wetlands ?

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    Ummm, Humans like Temperate ? And Goblins like Blighted Wetlands ?

    Humans like fertile plains. Goblins do not dislike blighted terrain, and like wetland, so they like blighted wetland, as much as they like temperate wetland.

    No. Race. Like. Any. Climate.

    Races. Only. Dislike. (or hate) Climates.

    No exception.



    With others in development means were likely to get both Frostlings and Halflings and probably others.



    I”m wondering what the dwelling will be, it will have a theme. Maybe Shadow Demons?

    For Classes I’m betting on merchant and Necromancer. Maybe Nomad.



    Nope. (EDIT: In response to humans liking Temperate. Seems I got ninja’d a bit while typing this)

    Humans like Fertile Plains (a feature), dislike Arctic and Subterranean (climates, technically) and hate Blighted and Volcanic (also technically climates). The common thread is that the first part of the description for a terrain tile (the ‘climate’ part) is always indifferent, disliked or hated, never liked, while the second part (the ‘feature’ part) is always liked or indifferent, never disliked or hated.

    (I do have to make an apology here, as I’d forgotten that humans were made to no longer dislike Tropical, which means we currently have three races that enjoy tropical climates – humans, orcs and draconians. Underground is also a lot less unpopular than it was at an earlier stage in development.)

    Now, looking at other races:

    Likes: Mountains, Coastal Mountains
    Dislikes: Tropical
    Hates: Blighted

    No dislike or hatred towards arctic.

    Likes: Barrens, Lava Pools
    Dislikes: Arctic
    Hates: Blighted

    High Elves:
    Likes: Dense Vegetation
    Dislikes: Tropical, Subterranean
    Hates: Blighted, Volcanic

    Again, no dislike or hatred towards arctic.

    Likes: Barrens
    Dislikes: Arctic, Blighted
    Hates: Volcanic

    Likes: Wetlands
    Dislikes: Arctic, Tropical
    Hates: Volcanic

    As you can see, no race likes the ‘climate’ part of a feature. Instead, the ideal climate(s) for a race is determined by which climates they do not have a penalty for. By this metric, we get the following climates enjoyed by race:

    Draconians enjoy Temperate, Tropical, Volcanic and Subterranean
    Dwarfs enjoy Temperate, Arctic, Volcanic and Subterranean
    Goblins enjoy Temperate, Blighted and Subterranean
    High Elves enjoy Temperate and Arctic
    Humans enjoy Temperate and Tropical
    Orcs enjoy Temperate, Tropical and Subterranean

    Temp: 6
    Sub: 4
    Trop: 3
    Arc: 2
    Vol: 2
    Bli: 1

    So arctic is relatively disfavoured, but there are two races that enjoy it – dwarfs and high elves. The reader will also note that elves and humans tend to be ‘pickier’ about climate – this probably balances having relatively common features (dense vegetation and fertile plains) that they get bonuses from, that can offset climate-based penalties. Otherwise, we have a couple of trends: everyone likes Temperate, most climates are only ever disliked (subterranean, tropical, and arctic) while volcanic and blighted terrains are hated by most races.

    With these considerations in mind, I’d expect the frostling terrain modifiers to be something like:

    Likes: Fertile Plains
    Dislikes: Tropical, Subterranean
    Hates: Blighted, Volcanic

    This might be mixed up depending on how much Triumph decides to focus on certain aspects. Playing up the goblin relationship might result in frostlings that only dislike Blighted and are neutral towards Subterranean. Playing up their preference for cold environments by breaking some of the rules mentioned above could result in disliking Temperate and hating Tropical (both of which would make them unique among the races until another race is introduced that dislikes temperate and/or hates tropical). If they end up with the second and not the first, then the really harsh climate requirements that result might lead to them having a second ‘liked’ terrain feature to compensate – possibly mountains, as one could easily imagine mountains providing locations in warmer climates where frostlings can still be comfortable.

    What I think we’re not going to see, without Air Magic intervention, is the line Likes: Arctic. Any more than we ever see Likes: Temperate or Likes: Blighted. Even draconians had to settle for Lava Pools to reflect that they like living near volcanoes.



    Nice read for a sunday afternoon 🙂

    Any idea of what will be in the patch (so for free), as a DLC, or in the expansion ?




    With these considerations in mind, I’d expect the frostling terrain modifiers to be something like:

    Likes: Fertile Plains<br>
    Dislikes: Tropical, Subterranean<br>
    Hates: Blighted, Volcanic

    I don’t think they will like fertile plains. This is the thing of humans. In previous installments they all had forestry, so I’d say frostlings would more likely like forests or barrens which both fit more artic climates IMO.

    My bet would be this :
    Likes: forest
    Dislikes: Blighted, Subterranean
    Hates: Tropical, Volcanic

    I think breaking with the rules would be odd, as it would be the only race with this feature. It’s usualy not a good idea to make new things special regarding rules.



    Nope. (EDIT: In response to humans liking Temperate. Seems I got ninja’d a bit while typing this)

    Humans like Fertile Plains (a feature), dislike Arctic and Subterranean (climates, technically)…

    (half a novel follows)

    Dear Mr. Draxynnic,

    I appreciate your effort collecting all these details, but seeing as you know that much, It is also pretty obvious you exactly know what I meant with arctic preference :p

    So there is no reason to be nit-picky about in-game effect details.



    The ‘feature’ part was the part I was least sure of, to be honest. I can think of arguments for fertile plains, barrens, dense vegetation (aka forests), and mountains, and between them that covers more than half of the possibilities (the remainder being wetlands, water, and lava, and maybe a few others that don’t come to mind). At this stage, I don’t think having an existing race that likes a terrain feature is a barrier, since barrens are already shared between two races and every common feature except water has some race that likes it.

    From a gameplay perspective, we already have races that like arctic forests (high elves) and arctic mountains (dwarfs), but we do not have races that naturally really like arctic fertile plains or barrens (humans, orcs, and draconians all suffer penalties for arctic that partially offset the bonus). Meanwhile, relatively uncommon liked terrain like barrens is usually combined with forgiving climate preferences (draconians only have two climates they don’t like, orcs have three but have blighted as only disliked, and while this isn’t as strong as goblins any tolerance of blight seems to come at a premium) – so if frostlings have relatively unforgiving climate preferences, it’s likely that they’ll have a relatively common feature preference like fertile plains or dense vegetation to compensate. Fertile plains thus fulfill both requirements – you avoid having frostlings preferring exactly the same things that High Elves do, and you avoid combining harsh climate preferences with an uncommon terrain preference.

    From a thematic point of view – well, fertile plains seem like something that should be liked by more than one race, and in fact sound like the sort of terrain that every race should prefer unless they have a reason to prefer something else (which, to be fair, the current races except humans do). Frostlings are experts at surviving in arctic environments, but the impression I get is that they do have agriculture and would probably prefer land that they can, well, agriculture with. Plus, the tundra environment I associate with the frostlings seems most likely to be represented by either arctic fertile plains or arctic barrens.

    On the other hand, if they end up with reasonably forgiving climate preferences, then the same thinking as above would push them towards liking barrens instead, although that would have three races liking barrens. Furthermore, there’s also the consideration that the other type of ‘lings are certainly going to have a preference for fertile plains*.

    Either way, the feature is something I’m less sure of, but there’s my thinking.

    *Unless, of course, we’re talking about our new Kharaghling overlords.

    EDIT: @charlatan: No, actually, at this point I don’t.

    Do you mean a race with a cold focus? In which case, I agree, but this is not the same thing as a race with an arctic focus (although the two do often go hand-in-hand).

    Do you mean a race that enjoys arctic terrain? Then as I’ve pointed out, high elves and dwarfs already do. That’s not so say that more shouldn’t be added, but it means there’s no gaping hole in the lineup and arctic terrain isn’t being underutilised.

    Or do you mean a race that is so specialised towards arctic terrain that it eschews temperate terrain? In which case, yes, there is definitely a lack there. But if there is such a hole in the lineup, there’s also the opposite hole – a race that is so specialised towards tropical terrain that it also dislikes temperate.

    Or do you mean something else that I’ve missed entirely?



    So exciting! You rule Triumph! ^_^



    Why do people say they said they’d never add halflings, I believe they said they didn’t see a reason for them to participate in this main campaign’s story(which is over). Considering shadow cults and whatnot it would not be unusual for them to take up arms. Personally though halflings and frostlings are my two favorites so i hope both get added at some point.




    Yea i guess i did say from a gameplay perspective which is wrong, thematically however no race in game likes arctic terrain. We already have a race that calls its home to most types of terrain and after frostlings and the necromancer class, i think we will have all terrain types covered?

    Drax, from a lore perspective, have any other races other than frostlings and dwarves been known to live in artic terrain?

    To be honest in the back of my head i always expected the preferences to be rebalanced once some other races were released… but now that i actually think about it i guess they probably wont…



    What does racial TC stand for?


    What does racial TC stand for?

    Tactical combat.





    Hype!!!! True Undead minions at last!!!!



    Drax, from a lore perspective, have any other races other than frostlings and dwarves been known to live in artic terrain?

    That’s an interesting question. The literal answer is of course ‘Yes’, but that’s a weaselly answer that addresses the letter rather than the spirit of the question. I don’t think humans and orcs shivering in Brisska count for the question you’re really asking, nor do draconians under Tempest (who, in AoW3 terms, would probably have been using the spell that makes people like arctic). For the spirit of the question, there has to be reasonable reason to think they’re enjoying the arctic environment without needing magical intervention to enforce such enjoyment.

    So, to begin with, the focus of the question is probably the elves, since the elves are one of the two current AoW3 races that tolerate arctic without penalties. On the face of it, this is a little surprising – in previous installments, light elves have been pretty much exclusively found in temperate climates. Dark Elves, however, are a little more complicated – in Age of Wonders 1, a lot of their surface holdings are in snowy terrain (Durlag and the Skull are both exclusively frozen maps). In Age of Wonders 2, there’s a scenario where Arachne’s Dark Elves are competing with Fangir’s Glacier Dwarves to take over Artica’s last holdout – implying that the region is desirable to the Dark Elves, at least enough to lure them out from underground when Artica was vulnerable.

    Now, all of these could have other explanations – the AoW1 maps could simply have been set during winter (they are, IIRC, roughly in the middle of the Blessed Continent, with the light elf holdings to the north…) and Arachne could just have been looking to dispatch a rival rather than seize the territory for herself. However, it is suggestive that the Dark Elves could tolerate frozen climates. Now, the High Elves share few of the Dark Elf terrain preferences (Dark Elves probably favoured underground most of all, and in AoW2 were one of only two races that could grow crops in wasteland, which in AoW3 terms would probably be blighted and/or volcanic), but it could be somewhere where the Dark Elf preference was not such anathema to Light Elf preferences that a tolerance for arctic terrain was maintained after the Mending. Alternatively, it could be that elves have always been able to tolerate arctic terrain, light or dark, but under Inioch they preferred to leave arctic lands to the Frostlings, and the Light Elf distribution in the first two games reflected that.

    Looking at other races, there is little evidence of other races liking cold terrain. High Men/Archons strike me as likely to like the same terrain humans do, for obvious reasons (not to mention that their appearance is based on classical Mediterranean cultures), although they might be supernaturally more tolerant of cold than humans are. Given that previously they’ve generally not been interested in holding territory for living space at all, but instead primarily for strategic reasons, it’s hard to call. It’s similarly hard to call for races coming from other planes such as Syrons and Shadow Demons.

    Of other races that haven’t yet been implemented – Nomads/Azracs are clearly out, and Lizardmen have been specifically called out as suffering in colder terrain. Halflings have always been seen in temperate terrain, but like light elves, this may be because they prefer to leave arctic locations to the Frostlings rather than fighting over land that they know the Frostlings enjoy more than they do even if they can tolerate arctic. Undead have definitely been found having strong presences in frozen climates, but they’re probably not especially fussed with any terrain modifiers. If they were to come as a race, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them having none at all.

    TL;DR: There’s reasonable evidence for Dark Elves having a liking for arctic terrain, which may have translated into the High Elves due to not being as hated by the light elves as other regions previously preferred by dark elves. Undead as well, but undead can probably l…exist anywhere.



    Great news guys, I’m enjoying the game and it’s good to know more content is underway, can’t wait.



    This sounds sooo wonderful! <3
    I can’t wait to try out all the upcoming stuff and try to break it! 😉

    Thank you, Triumph!



    So in practical terms, how do you think Frostlings will play ?
    – like Arctic
    – Dislike Tropical or even Temperate
    – Frost Witch as a support unit, with Trail of Frost ability permanently converting ground to Arctic. Is it inherent like in AoW2: SM, or on medal (like AoW3 yeti) ? What else does Frost Witch do, what’s her support ability ?
    – what’s the T3 unit ? Yeti ? That would be a bit boring. I mean, it’s a cold ogre. But it’s certain witches will fire frost bolts, and there will be other units with cold damage.
    – 20% fire weakness, 20% cold resistance

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